Interested in how things work? From the smallest sub-atomic particle to galaxies, Juniata’s physics department is prepared to give you the hands on learning that will allow you to pursue graduate study, attend professional school or step into an exciting career. You can also gain the concepts necessary to teach physics in any secondary school through the physics secondary education program. Take certification courses offered by Juniata’s education department, finish up your Juniata education with one semester of student teaching. Develop physics demonstrations for outreach events.

Get Involved:

What Our Alumni Are Saying:

“The physics curriculum is pretty intense here. But, don’t worry; you’ll feel supported while studying physics at Juniata. The faculty will go out of their way to help you and I never have trouble finding peer help when I need it. I know that will make it much easier when I graduate and am teaching this material to high school students"

-Sara Garside ’12

  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • American Astronomical Society
  • American Institute of Physics
  • American Physical Society
  • The Physics Teacher
  • Society of Physics Students

Stay on Target the Next Four Years

Freshman Year

Increase Self-Awareness
  • Identify interests, values and skills by using FOCUS
  • Meet with a Career Counselor and/or take NDSS 100 Career Planning
  • Develop a professional resume and upload it to
  • Attend Juniata Career Day and career workshops throughout the year
  • Test your interests through student organizations, volunteer work and a summer job/internship

Sophomore Year

Explore Relevant Work Experience
  • Research specific careers and related qualifications
  • Become active in student organizations relevant to your POE; consider a leadership position
  • Update your resume on JuniataJobs and attend Juniata Career Day and career workshops
  • Set Social Networking sites to “private” and maintain professional behavior
  • Attend events with Juniata alumni to build your network;create a profile on Juniata Connect
  • Get a job or internship related to your field of interest

Notable Internship Sites:

  • Arro Consulting Inc.
  • Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astro-Physics
  • L. Robert Kimball & Associates
  • Laser Teaching Center
  • National Institute of Standards & Technology
  • Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Engineering
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • Rettew Association Inc.
  • Sim Plus Exp
  • U.S. Department of Defense

Junior Year

Prepare for the Professional World
  • Make employment/graduate school choices
  • Update resume on JuniataJobs and participate in Career Workshops
  • Network at Career Fairs: Juniata Career Day, WestPACS, CPEC
  • Build a professional wardrobe and attend the Etiquette Dinner
  • Simulate a Mock Interview
  • Get an internship related to your field of study

Senior Year

Implement Career Choices
  • Update resume on JuniataJobs and secure quality references
  • Meet with a Career Counselor for your “Senior Meeting”; consider registering for NDSS 205—21st Century Career Search
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile and network with professionals for job leads/grad school information
  • Network at Career Fairs: Juniata Career Day, WestPACS, CPEC
  • Apply to targeted employers/graduate schools: Follow-Up