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Non-Credit Summer Internships


Exciting opportunities are available for Juniata students in virtually every academic area, and the Director of Career Services is available to assist students in finding academically-meaningful positions. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to apply for a transcript notation internship, and must submit a learning agreement plan. With few exceptions, summer internships are not for credit, but can be officially noted on the student's transcript as an academically-valid experience. Over 150 students participate in this program each summer.  Note:  Transcript Notation internships can also take place during the academic year.  There is a maximum of two notations in a single summer and one per academic semester.

The College encourages organizations to pay summer interns, and students have earned from minimum wage to $17.50/hour. To qualify for transcript notation, an internship must last for a minimum of 240 hours and should be directly related to the student's P.O.E. Each intern is evaluated by his/her supervisor, and must make a presentation on the experience. If the Internship is deemed appropriate and successful, the experience will be noted on the student transcript; e.g., BI XX1 Internship: Biomedical Technician, Harrisburg, PA or EB XX1 Internship: Retail Sales/Mktg., Seattle, WA. While most students live and work near home, many students have taken advantage of summer internships as a way to travel and live in other areas. Students have interned in locations ranging from Hawaii to California and in organizations such as: the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Philadelphia Zoo, Penn State College of Medicine, Space Weather Prediction Center, University of Pittsburgh Center for Biological Imaging, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, Centre Region Council of Governments, Geisinger Medical Center, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Human Rights Campaign, African Wildlife Foundation.

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