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English Conditional Admission

International applicants with scores of 42 - 79 Internet-Based (440 – 549 Paper-Based) TOEFL (iBT)* may, if otherwise qualified academically, be granted English-Conditional Admission, provided they attend Juniata's Intensive English Program (IEP). Minimum section scores of 10 for the iBT must also be met to be admitted.

Students must complete the advanced level IEP courses with a 80% average, have the recommendation of the IEP staff and director, and/or obtain a TOEFL score of 80 Internet-Based (550 Paper-Based) including correlating section scores (e.g., above a 20 in listening, reading, speaking or writing), in order to move to non-conditional status. While taking ESL courses the students’ English proficiency is evaluated by IEP staff and they may enroll in academic coursework outside the IEP according to their proficiency level and in consultation with their advisors.

A student who is doing poorly and is likely to be put on academic probation may have to appear before the IEP Review Committee based on the recommendation of the IEP staff and Director. The IEP Review Committee, in conjunction with the Registrar and the Student Academic Development Committee, will make recommendations for continuation at Juniata. Students will also be required to sign a Statement of Understanding concerning English-Conditional Admission prior to beginning their studies. Continued English support is offered, as needed, to all international students throughout their degree program. For more information, please refer to the Intensive English Program section.

*Equivalent IELTS and Pearson PTE scores are also accepted.

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