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Transfer Credit

Juniata does not accept in transfer any coursework below a grade of "C-" nor coursework of a strictly technical or remedial nature, nor physical education coursework. Credit is normally only awarded for courses taken at a similarly accredited institution. Special circumstances may affect the transferability of an individual student record. These cases will be handled on an individual basis and decisions will be based on Juniata's academic policy. An official credit evaluation will be completed by the Office of the Registrar after a student has been admitted to Juniata.

Transfer without a Degree Students transferring without an Associate Degree will have their work evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Courses equivalent to Juniata's curriculum course description will be granted direct course equivalence. Coursework accepted in transfer may be used to meet both liberal arts graduation requirements and Program of Emphasis requirements.

Transfer with an A.A. or an A.S. Degree Students who possess an "AA" or appropriate "AS" degree from an accredited institution and wish to transfer to Juniata will be granted junior standing. Students would be awarded a minimum of 56 semester hours, a maximum of 60 semester hours, regardless of course equivalence. Courses will be granted direct course equivalence. All Juniata graduation requirements must be met. Coursework accepted in transfer may be used to meet both liberal arts and Program of Emphasis requirements; however, it may take the student more than the remaining 60-64 semester hours to complete all graduation requirements.

While Juniata will accept credit from any regionally accredited college or university, the college has formal transfer agreements with Harrisburg Area Community College and Penn Highlands Community College.  Articulation agreements are in place to facilitate the transfer of credit from one institution to another.   Contact the Transfer Coordinator at either institution for more information.

Juniata also offers a 2+2 Joint Enrollment Program with Penn Highlands Community College (PHCC).  Students apply, and are admitted, to both Juniata and PHCC at the same time.  Accepted students are able to be advised by faculty at both colleges, receive priority in registration and room assignment when transferring to Juniata, and have guaranteed transfer credit.  The student will receive the Associate degree from Penn Highlands, and either the BA or BS degree from Juniata.  Consult the Enrollment Center for more information. 

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