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Special Services Fees

Student Activity Fee: This fee provides funding to Student Government and the Juniata Activities Board. These organizations assist with support for student clubs, activities and organizations. This fee is assessed per semester. Full-time students will be charged $85 and part-time students $20 per semester..

Credentials: Fees for academic transcripts, co-curricular transcripts, and placement credentials will be covered by part of the student’s matriculation fee. Up to 25 copies of each are free and a fee of $5.00 each will be charged for subsequent documents.

Health Services: All full-time students will be charged a $100 per semester College Health Center Fee. This fee entitles the student to unlimited visits to the Health Center and special health and wellness programming on campus. Prescription medications dispensed will be billed to the student at cost.

Medical Insurance Coverage: An Accident and Sickness Insurance plan is available and will be billed automatically to all full-time students.  The cost of this plan is $196 per year.  Students may waive this charge by completing a form and providing proof of coverage.  Further information on this plan may be obtained by contacting the Business Office.

Juniata College

2013-14 Premium Rates

Domestic and International Student Insurance Plans

Administered through Bollinger Insurance Company

Annual Rate (under age 26):                             $1,293

Annual Rate (age 26 or older):                         $1,831

Annual Rate (each dependent):                        $1,674

Single Semester (under age 26):                      $ 865

Single Semester (age 26 or older):                 $1,225

Single Semester (each dependent):                $1,120

Summer (under age 26):                                     $ 435

Summer (age 26 or older):                                 $ 615

Summer (each dependent):                               $ 560


Technology Fee: All students will be charged a technology fee at the beginning of each semester. Resident students will be charged $205 per semester; nonresident students will be billed $85 per semester. The fee includes local telephone service, private voice mail, access to cable television, and access to the College’s academic computer network. A

Vehicle Registration: All vehicles brought to campus must be registered with the Security Office. On-campus resident students will be charged $35 per year, and off-campus resident and non-resident students will be charged $25 per year.

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