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Residence Halls

With Juniata’s residence halls and apartment facilities, the College can accommodate more than 1,100 students. Most on-campus residence halls have been completely renovated and all now include computer and cable hookups in each room as well as digital phones with individual voice-mail capabilities. Residence halls also have recreation rooms, study rooms, lounges, and laundry facilities.

Among the residence halls is The Cloister (1928; renovated in 1994) located at the center of campus. An outstanding example of Pennsylvania German architecture, it vividly recalls the heritage of the College. At the other end of the architectural spectrum are the East Houses (1970; renovated in 1999), a complex of four modern sections providing apartment-style living.

Tussey-Terrace (1966; renovated in 1997), Sunderland Hall (1955; renovated in 1992), and Sherwood Hall (1961; renovated in 1992) form part of the northern boundary of the campus. Maude-Lesher Hall (1957; renovated in 2005) is just across the street from the Ellis Hall, while South Hall (1962; renovated in 1995) overlooks College Field.

College apartment buildings within convenient walking distance include the Mission House at 18th and Washington Streets, the “Pink Palace” on Moore Street, and Hess Apartments on 14th and Washington Streets. Five additional houses were added in 2004 and 2005 which some are based on learning communities and are also within walking distance to campus.

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