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with Brian Johnson

September 16th 6:00pm and 8:00pm

location TBA

“Diversity” is also one of the most challenging subjects for many students to grasp. Exploring the “difference that difference makes” can be difficult because there are so many perspectives and opinions about how it can be presented. Brian’s creative keynote, Reel Diversity, frames the diversity conversation through modern film. By sharing clips of well-known films and discussing the messages they consciously or unconsciously give, Brian allows every student to see himself or herself as diverse. Students laugh and remember some of their favorite movies, and from there, an interactive keynote about multiculturalism can begin.

Learn about the concept of “diversity” — its associated values, expressions of identity, similarity, and the devaluation of “different.”  Consider the concept of “culture” — its symbols, language, norms and values in American society. Be challenged to care about “social justice” — power, oppression, ethnocentrism, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination and make personal judgments about these issues and recognize that the opportunity for change exists within each of us. In addition to race, the keynote addresses these issues with regard to sexual orientation, socio-economics, religion and disability. Reel Diversity is an inclusive, interactive experience for peoplefrom all walks of life.

This event is mandatory for all first year students but is open to the college campus
and PEACE Certificate eligible.


About Brian:

Brian C. Johnson honors the struggles and accomplishments of the ordinary citizens who launched the Civil Rights Movement by committing himself personally and professionally to the advancement of multicultural and inclusive education. He serves as a faculty member in the department of developmental instruction at Bloomsburg University and is the director of the Frederick Douglass Institute for Academic Excellence.

Having earned both bachelor's and master's degrees in English from California University of Pennsylvania, Brian is a doctoral candidate in communications media and instructional technology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Brian is the co-author of Reel Diversity: A Teacher’s Sourcebook (2008), winner of the 2009 Chinn Book Award by the National Association for Multicultural Education, and the author of We’ve Scene It All Before: Using Film Clips in Diversity Awareness Training (2009), and Sintimacy: The Christian’s Love Affair with Secret Sin (2009).



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