Juniata College P.E.A.C.E. CertificateThe P.E.A.C.E. dove

Participate in Educational Activities that Create Equality.

Juniata College introduces the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate, available to all members of the Juniata community.

Overseen by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and signed by the College President, the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate celebrates your commitment to enhancing diversity on the Juniata College campus and beyond.

Attend any 6 of the Beyond Tolerance Series programs or other designated events in a two-year period and you will earn the Bronze Level of the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate. 

Earn the Silver Level by attending 18 programs and the Gold Level by attending 24 programs.

****Introducing the new Gold Certified Level ****

Is multicultural education at the center of your life and goals? Have you already earned a Gold certificate but want to keep it fresh?  You can earn a "certified" status each year by completing any of the following anctivties:

After its inaugural year, nearly 30 members of the Juniata College staff, faculty, students, and alumni earned their P.E.A.C.E. Certificate and Last year almost 70 people earned a certicficate. Will you be the next to join them?


P.E.A.C.E. Certificate-eligible events 2013-2014

September 25th - 7:00pm Ellis Ballroom - Sam SimmonsReclaiming the Narrative: African American Historical Trauma

September 26th -10:00am Sill Board Room (Faculty/Staff session) – Sam Simmons Reclaiming the Narrative: African American Historical Trauma

October 22nd - 7:30pm - Rosenberger Auditorium, Majora Carter / Home(town) Security

October 24th _ 7:30pm - Ellis College Center Ballroom, Alumni Advocates Panel

November 20th - 7:00pm Ellis Ballroom, Dr. Mimi Abromovitz Women in a Bind: The Decline of Marriage, Markets and the State.

February 5th - 7:00pm, Ellis College Center, Ballroom – Robert Lupton: Toxic Charity

February 11 - 7:00pm, Rosenberger Auditorium -  Jackson Katz

March 26th - 10:00am Sill board Room, VLB – Safe Zones Training (Beginner),

March 26th - 2:00pm Sill board Room, VLB – Safe Zones Training (Advanced)

March 26th - 7:00pm Ellis Ballroom – Dr. Gene Kelly, Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood


Recipients of the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate 2012-2013

Silver Bronze
  • Grace Fala
  • Nikki Halstead
  • Lucas Thompson
  • Lisa Baer
  • Paula Beckenbaugh
  • Jewel Daniels
  • Deanna Good
  • Chad Herzog
  • Rachel Hilton
  • Corby Hess
  • Patricia Hunter
  • Kathleen Jones
  • Morgan Knepp
  • Joyce Lin
  • Lindsay Monihen
  • Caroline Morgan
  • Michael Pennington
  • Lauren Seganos
  • Elizabeth Sunde
  • Bethany Adair
  • Rachel Adams
  • Molly Adler
  • Abigail Baird
  • Michel’le Bennett
  • Carolyn Biery
  • Christina Briggs
  • Brendan Cohn
  • Clayton Cooper
  • Bernard Devlin
  • Clarissa Diniz
  • Evelyn Edwards
  • Stephen Estright
  • Stephanie Farfan
  • Meagan Floyd
  • Gabrielle Gasparre
  • Christie Gibboney
  • Cindy Gibboney
  • Andrew Gill
  • Dawn Hayes
  • Olivia Hockenbroch
  • Hannah Hostak
  • Jocelynn Jackson
  • Leah Jans
  • Hannah Jeffery
  • Norma Jennings
  • Rachel Krantz
  • Darwin Kysor
  • Corey Lacey
  • Carly Landis
  • Natasha Lane
  • Jacob Malloy
  • Annette Masterson
  • Maria Nachbor
  • Amberle Nickas
  • Courtney Peterson
  • Ashley Pinamonti
  • Valerie Rennell
  • Rosalie Rodriguez
  • Brenda Roll
  • Nathan Salamone
  • Andrea Smith
  • Alexandra Vlasic
  • Lauren Wilson
  • David Witkovsky
  • Skukura Woods