Digital Media Studio


The Digital Media Studio is structured along standard industrial lines, both in order to facilitate our work and to familiarize students with established practice. The Digital Media Specialist acts as Senior Producer and Director on most projects. Students begin as Production Assistants. With experience students take over the direction of Departments: Sound, Camera, Lighting, Editing etc. The most experienced students take over as Production Managers, Producers and Directors.

The Digital Media Studio also employs student studio artists, animators, musicians, composers/songwriters even writers on a freelance basis. We work in close collaboration with the Theater Department, providing opportunities for actors, voiceover talent, costume and makeup as well as a chance for Theater tech students studying lighting and sound to broaden their skills.

We are always looking for new talent. Employment in the Digital Media Studio is on a freelance, per project basis. If you are interested in working with us in any capacity, come talk with us. We'd like to show you what we do and we'd love to know what you do.

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to