Finance & Operations

Finance and Operations

The Vice President for Finance and Operations is the chief financial officer of the College and is appointed by the President. The VP for Finance and Operations has overall responsibility of the following areas: accounting, budgeting, finance; physical plant operations, maintenance, utilities management, vehicles, labor relations; auxiliary enterprises management-resident halls, food service, bookstore; purchasing; human resources and fringe benefits; risk management; endowment property management; and all of the campus technology services.

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501(c)(3) organization

Juniata College Conflict Mineral Free Campus Initiative

"Be It Resolved that Juniata College will take into account whether electronic products contain conflict minerals in future purchasing decisions and, when available, will favor verifiably conflict-free products that contain minerals from eastern Congo.Be it Further Resolved that Juniata College calls on electronics companies and other industries to implement the necessary steps to remove conflict minerals from their supply chain.Be it further resolved that Juniata College calls on US executive leadership in helping to establish an international certification system for minerals coming from Central Africa to ensure they are not contributing to conflict."

Passed by the Juniata College President's Cabinet, June 2014