Finance and

Student Pay Schedule

Approval window allows one week for employees and supervisors to make edits to and approve timecards.  Students should approve timecards by Tuesday following end of pay period, leaving supervisors the correction/approval window of Wednesday through Friday.

Automated reminders will be sent from Kronos to students on Saturday and to supervisors on Tuesday (re payroll assistance reminder) & Friday (re approval due reminder).

Period Start Date Period End Date Pay Date Payroll Assistance Requests                   Deadline 11 AM* Employee & Manager Approval Deadline** Payroll Type
Oct-13-13 Oct-26-13 Nov-08-13 Oct-31-13 Nov-01-13 Academic
Oct-27-13 Nov-09-13 Nov-22-13 Nov-14-13 Nov-15-13 Academic
Nov-10-13 Nov-23-13 Dec-06-13 Nov-28-13 Nov-29-13 Academic
Nov-24-13 Dec-07-13 Dec-20-13 Dec-12-13 Dec-13-13 Academic
Dec-08-13 Dec-21-13 Jan-03-14 Dec 18, 2012 - 9 am Jan-02-14*** Academic
Dec-22-13 Jan-04-14 Jan-17-14 Jan-09-14 Jan-10-14 Academic
Jan-05-14 Jan-18-14 Jan-31-14 Jan-23-14 Jan-24-14 Academic
Jan-19-14 Feb-01-14 Feb-14-14 Feb-06-14 Feb-07-14 Academic
Feb-02-14 Feb-15-14 Feb-28-14 Feb-20-14 Feb-21-14 Academic
Feb-16-14 Mar-01-14 Mar-14-14 Mar-06-14 Mar-07-14 Academic
Mar-02-14 Mar-15-14 Mar-28-14 Mar-20-14 Mar-21-14 Academic
Mar-16-14 Mar-29-14 Apr-11-14 Apr-03-14 Apr-04-14 Academic
Mar-30-14 Apr-12-14 Apr-25-14 Apr-17-14 Apr-18-14 Academic
Apr-13-14 Apr-26-14 May-09-14 May-01-14 May-02-14 Academic
Apr-27-14 May-10-14 May-23-14 May-15-14 May-16-14 Academic
May-11-14 May-24-14 Jun-06-14 May-29-14 May-30-14 Ac/Su
May-25-14 Jun-07-14 Jun-20-14 Jun-12-14 Jun-13-14 Summer
Jun-08-14 Jun-21-14 Jul-03-14 Jun-26-14 Jun-27-14 Summer
Jun-22-14 Jul-05-14 Jul-18-14 Jul-10-14 Jul-11-14 Summer
Jul-06-14 Jul-19-14 Aug-01-14 Jul-24-14 Jul-25-14 Summer
Jul-20-14 Aug-02-14 Aug-15-14 Aug-07-14 Aug-08-14 Summer
Aug-03-14 Aug-16-14 Aug-29-14 Aug-21-14 Aug-22-14 Summer
Aug-17-14 Aug-30-14 Sep-12-14 Sep-04-14 Sep-05-14 Su/Ac
Aug-31-14 Sep-13-14 Sep-26-14 Sep-18-14 Sep-19-14 Academic
Sep-14-14 Sep-27-14 Oct-10-14 Oct-02-14 Oct-03-14 Academic
Sep-28-14 Oct-11-14 Oct-24-14 Oct-16-14 Oct-17-14 Academic
Oct-12-14 Oct-25-14 Nov-07-14 Oct-30-14 Oct-31-14 Academic
Oct-26-14 Nov-08-14 Nov-21-14 Nov-13-14 Nov-14-14 Academic
Nov-09-14 Nov-22-14 Dec-05-14 Nov-27-14 Nov-28-14 Academic
Nov-23-14 Dec-06-14 Dec-19-14 Dec-11-14 Dec-12-14 Academic
Dec-07-14 Dec-20-14 Jan-02-15 Dec 18, 2014 - 9 am Jan-02-15*** Academic
* Occurs the Thursday prior to approval deadline, unless otherwise noted.  Supervisor please submit requests for assistance to payroll, per your review of timecards (can you see all your employees, are there any issues or questions you need assistance with).
** The absolute final deadline is the following Monday morning at 11 am, and payroll will be processed immediately after.
*** Payroll processed before break, additional hrs worked/adjustments made after payroll is processed will be included in January payroll.