Human Resources

Juniata College

2010 Holiday Schedule

Facilities Services

New Year’s Day

Friday, January 1                                                       1 Day                                                 

Spring Holiday

Friday, April 2                                                           1 Day

Memorial Day

Monday, May 31                                                       1 Day

Independence Day

Monday, July 5                                                        1 Day

Labor Day

*Friday, September 3 or Monday, September 6                         1 day

*The College will determine an approximate equal schedule of time off on these two days.  Persons having Friday one year will be offered Labor Day in the next year and this routine will repeat each year.


Thursday, November 25                                                                            

Friday, November 26                                                2 Days

Winter Break

Friday, December 24

Monday, December 27

Tuesday, December 28

Wednesday, December 29

Thursday, December 30

Friday, December 31                                                   6 Days


Birthday Holiday

NOTE:  Birthday holidays are to be taken within the same pay period in which the birthday falls.

The Juniata College calendar includes observance of Christian holidays at Good Friday and Christmas.  However, we must also be mindful of members of our community who observe the seasons of other organized religions.  Juniata values cultural diversity and endeavors to support it.  If your own observance requires any absence, be sure to make arrangements for your responsibilities by conferring in advance with your supervisor and scheduling a substitute holiday.