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2014 Interns!

(from left to right: Carley, Olivia, Aidan, Mori, Julia)

Inbound Interns:

Carley DeBernardis

Hometown: Altoona, PA

POE: Business Communication with a secondary emphasis in Art History

I decided to attend Juniata for the Biology program because I wanted to become an Orthodontist. However, things change and I am now a Senior and studying to have a career in business and communication. When I first came to Juniata, I loved the family atmosphere it has to offer and it made the transition from high school to college much easier. I am interested in community service and very involved in Relay for Life here on campus. I am really excited about being an Intern for Inbound this summer and look forward to seeing all of you in August!

Aidan Connor

Hometown: Flemington, New Jersey

POE: Natural and Social Sciences (Pre-Occupational Therapy)

I am a Senior at Juniata College pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy. I am involved in many groups and activities around campus and will be the Senior Class Secretary for the 2014-2015 year. My inbound participation of Freshman was an unforgettable one and I hope that this summer I can plan a similar experience for all of you! I met my best friend and current housemate (both Junior and Senior year) in my inbound group and the memories of bonding during white water rafting will last likely stay with me for a long time. I love the outdoors and exploring the surrounding areas of Huntingdon. My hobbies include reading, knitting, drinking coffee, and intensely/religiously watching Family Feud. Feel free to ask me any questions relating to Juniata or Inbound and feel free to say hi if you see me on campus!

Julia Mathis

Hometown: Collegeville, PA

POE: Theatre Performance

I am a Junior here at JC, training to be a professional actress in our wonderful theatre department. Most of my time during the semester is spent in rehearsals, but when I'm not in class I like to sing, chug coffee, and drool over Pinterest DIY projects. I participated in Inbound as a freshman, and it was such a positive way to start my college career off right! Through my personal Inbound experience, I started the friendships I'll have for a lifetime and had a blast getting to know the Juniata community I now love. Since then I've participated as a Peer Leader and now this year I'm one of the interns coordinating these fantastic retreats. I can't wait to see what adventures will begin for the next incoming class this fall!

Plexus Inbound Interns:

Olivia Hockenbroch

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

POE: Communication and Philosophy

I'm a senior here at Juniata College with hopes of going to grad school in pursuit of becoming a professional nerd. Since participating in Plexus Inbound as a first-year student, I've been a Peer Leader for two years, and now I'm one of the two fabulous Plexus Interns.  Needless to say, my Inbound group was awesome and I'm still friends with many of the 2011 Plexans.  Like many Juniatians, I've changed my POE several times, beginning with Biology and ending the humanities, but it was a completely worthwhile journey.  My hobbies include: reading, writing, gawking over/talking about food, running, and stargazing.  I'm super excited to meet everyone at orientation and in Plexus Inbound!

Mori Anderson Hitchcock

Hometown: Chester, PA

POE: Minority Experience Studies (A mix of English, Communication and Sociology) with a Secondary Emphasis in Art History.

I am a Junior at Juniata College with plans to enter Higher Education Administration. Most of my semesters are spent reading novels and writing papers, but when I don't have classwork I like to binge watch things on Netflix, read more novels (haha), and this summer I plan to start writing a novel. Really great music blasting through my headphones can get me through ANYTHING. I participated in Inbound my Freshman year and I met some great people, who have remained close friends. I loved Inbound (and that whole experience) so much that last year I cam back early as a peer leader. This summer I get to work with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion to plan the Plexus retreat and I can't wait for you all to experience it!