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The Club Sports retreat introduces participants to the Intercollegiate Club Sports that Juniata College has to offer: Women and Men’s Rugby, Women’s Club Volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee. Students will actively compete against one another and other Club Sports retreats, play and be instructed in rugby by 6 peer leaders from the rugby team (both Men’s and Women’s), travel to a state park for Frisbee Golf and swimming, and challenge their fitness by hiking 1000 Steps located near Juniata’s campus.  This retreat is open to students of all skill levels and is an excellent precursor for any students looking to be involved in club sports at Juniata.  Come ready to play, ready to sweat, and ready to learn!

Each retreat will also have the opportunity to mingle with other retreats and participate in larger group activities and programs.

 **Keep checking in for updates on the Club Sports retreat(s) throughout the spring as we move further along in the planning process.

Meet your Peer Leaders:

Dustin Servello

Hometown: Hollidaysburg, PA

POE: Biology

I'm a junior biology major looking to go to veterinary school after Juniata. I am part of many clubs on campus including Colleges Against Cancer and American Society of Microbiology. I also play for the college rugby team, the River Rats. I do research with one of the new biology professors Dr. Jason Chan on microscopic worms and aging. One of my favorite things about Juniata is the friendly atmosphere. My favorite tradition is Storming the Arch because it was an event that I had a lot of fun defending the arch with the rest of my team and other upperclassmen.

Kasi Payne

Hometown: Breezewood, PA

POE: Biology/ Pre-Vet

I enjoy fishing, hunting, playing sports, and being outdoors. I am in rugby and intramural soccer at Juniata. My Favorite thing about Juniata is everyone is helpful and friendly. My best inbound memory was going to the baseball game and meeting new people, that are still some of my closest friends.

MaryBeth "Ducky" Petrie

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

POE: Physics with a secondary emphasis in Mathematics

I am a senior with a POE in Physics, a Secondary Emphasis in Mathematics, and I am currently doing research with the Chemistry department. I am president of the women's rugby club on campus. I started playing rugby my freshman year, and this past year, I was one of the captains. We won our division in playoffs last fall, and I am looking forward to my last year on the team. In high school, I ran track and cross country and played softball. I was in the club sports inbound my freshman year, and was one of the peer leaders for my junior year. Inbound was a great way to get used to the college life before classes officially start.  In addition to sports, I am also very involved with the physics department. I am a teaching assistant for lab, vice president of the Society of Physics Students, and president of the Women in Physics Advocacy Club. I enjoy going to the local elementary schools to teach them about science as well as being involved in other forms of outreach, such as Physics Phun Night.

Vince Kowalick

Hometown: Harleysville, PA

POE: Environmental Science

Juniata makes it very easy to get involved. During my freshman year I was a part of Juniata Men’s Rugby team, Environmental Coalition, Campus Ministry and Intramural Basketball and Soccer. My favorite hobby is playing sports, which explains why I chose to lead club sports this year. This past year at Juniata my favorite memory was Pig Roast because it was the last time the students came together at the end of the year before we all parted and went our different ways for the summer. When I attended Inbound last summer my most fondest memory is going white water rafting with my group, everyone had to work together and we all had such a fun time. I plan on making many more memories this summer at Inbound 2014!

Jarrett Levesh

Hometown: Branford, CT

POE: Geology

I am going to be a junior at Juniata. I participated in inbound as a freshman in the Water Sports group, which I greatly enjoyed. Rugby has become a favorite hobby of mine while being at Juniata and I am a captain of the Juniata River Rats rugby club. I have many things that I love about Juniata but what I enjoy most is the community aspect you get here, everyone is very friendly. Being a rugby player, my favorite Juniata traditions would have to be storming of the arch and pig roast. I’m a big football fan, specifically a Patriots fan, which tends to cause some interesting friendly rivalry out here. I’m looking forward to a great inbound experience with the club sports group!

Tiffany Carter

Hometown: Curwensville, PA

POE: Accounting

Hey my name is Tiffany and I am a club sports Peer Leader. Sports and fitness are my life! I played varsity soccer, basketball and softball in high school as well as being a student trainer. I entered into college playing softball but now play rugby. I love rugby, it is so intense and exciting. I also love lifting weights and working out daily. I love Juniata! I can’t picture a better school for me. It truly is my perfect fit. My wonderful experience with Juniata all began when I did the Club Sports inbound. I met all of my friends during inbound and had an absolute blast. We had the chance to see the campus early, get a feel for where everything was, and ask any questions to the current students which made me more confident in my transition into Juniata. Inbound also got me involved with rugby, so choosing to go to inbound was the best decision for me.