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Students at Mixed Martial Arts Studio

The Martial Arts retreat focuses on traditional Asian martial arts. With the help of peer leaders, an advisor, and special instructors, this group will experience a variety of traditional Asian martial arts.  Students will be instructed in Tai Chi by Dr. Dunwoody (Professor of Psychology at Juniata), travel to Central PA Mixed Martial Arts for lessons in State College, and participate in other activities such as hiking and mini golf. No experience necessary! And all who are interested are encouraged to sign up for this retreat. Be prepared to challenge yourself!      

Each retreat will also have the opportunity to mingle with other retreats and participate in larger group activities and programs.

 **Keep checking in for updates on the Mighty Eagle retreat throughout the spring as we move further along in the planning process.

Meet your Peer Leaders:

Lexi "Sunshine" Klein

Hometown: Germantown, MD

POE: Mathematics

I’m the treasurer for the Women’s Rugby team, the Hellbenders. All summer I will be spending my time leading backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains as a  4th year camp counselor. I am an avid television and movie watcher. I could talk about movies, food, and Game of Thrones for days. One of my favorite times from this past school year was storming the arch with President Troha. He’s got chutzpah.

Ravyn Garcia

Hometown: New York, NY

POE: Biology/ Pre-Medicine

I’m a sophomore from an inner city, but absolutely love the Juniata community. When I’m not studying, I play rugby with the women’s rugby team at Juniata, watch Netflix, and look for other things to do that will keep me active. Aside from playing rugby, I’m apart of many clubs and programs on campus. Some of these clubs are: AWOL (All Ways of Loving), AASA (African American Student Alliance), the Bias Response Team, and The Diversity Committee. One of my favorite memories from Inbound was when I went white water rafting with the Wilderness Adventure group. It was my first time and I had the absolute greatest time ever! I wish I could do it again. My favorite JC tradition is mountain day because the anticipation that comes before the actual day is something that everyone gets so excited! And besides, we get a day off classes and who doesn’t like that?! I am really excited to be an inbound peer leader and I hope you’re excited to join the Juniata family, so LET’S GET PUMPED!