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BETTER TOGETHER - Building Interfaith Community

The Better Together Inbound retreat provides an exciting opportunity for students to begin conversation and seek common ground with others. While religion is usually considered to be a taboo topic, we are going to engage one another about the things we care deeply about. This Inbound will provide a space for religious and non-religious students to talk and serve together. Activities will include workshops on storytelling, engaging with local religious communities, and participating in a service opportunity.

After participating in the Better Together Inbound retreat, you will be prepared and energized to engage diverse groups of people around common ground and shared values. You will also be invited to continue your interfaith experience at Juniata by joining the Better Together Movement and other interfaith service opportunities through the Campus Ministry Office.

Campus Ministry

Peer Leaders Carolyn Biery (left) & Elainea Hess (middle) with Advisor David Witkovsky (right)


Meet your Peer Leaders:

Carolyn Biery
Spanish and Communication Studies POE
What Inbound did you participate in?
Environmental Science
Why do you want to be a peer leader?
To spread more understanding about my religion and peaceful coexistence.
What is the best advice you can give to your Inboundees?
Think critically about anything you see or hear on social media (YV, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
Where have you studied abroad/studied away?
Puebla, Mexico.

Elainea Hess