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It seems that students today are always busy. Busy with academics, clubs, sports, jobs, internships, and other extracurricular activities. “Somewhere around the end of the 20th century, busyness became not just a way of life but a badge of honor. And life, sociologists say, became an exhausting everydayathon.” *

This retreat will focus on reminding students to take time for themselves – their Mind, Body, and Spirit. Students can expect to participate in activities such as yoga, meditation, and hiking, plus discussions involving healthy living – physically, mentally and spiritually. Students in this retreat will get to explore all the ways Juniata and the Huntingdon community can keep them happy and healthy. Touring the different places of worship in town, getting the inside scoop on eating well with your meal plan, and building new friendships are all on the agenda!


Each retreat will also have the opportunity to mingle with other retreats and participate in larger group activities and programs.

 **Keep checking in for updates on the Community Service retreat throughout the spring as we move further along in the planning process.

Meet your Peer Leaders:

Khadejia Norman

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

POE: Psychology/Secondary Emphasis in Education

I’m Khadejia (pronounced Kuh-dee-juh), and I’m going to be a Junior this upcoming year at JC. First I’d like to say WELCOME and get ready to have some of the greatest experiences of your life here at Juniata (one of those being inbound!). I’m a laid back kind of girl who loves making other people smile, dancing, singing, laughing, and just overall having a good time. I’m an Eagle Ambassador and I work at the Dean of Students Office as a student assistant, so if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! My best Inbound memory would have to be when I went to Penn State for a belly dancing class in the Dance Ensemble Retreat. I made a fool of myself but it was a great time and hilarious. My favorite JC memory would have to be the day I got accepted to study abroad in Australia! I still can’t believe it to this day. I think everyone in their dorms heard me screaming that day! Well I hope you’re all having a great summer and I cannot wait to meet all of you!

Heather Kleber

Hometown: Morrisdale, PA

POE: History

As a camp counselor during the summer, I am running on little sleep and hot chocolate all summer long. This is the perfect retreat to get in touch with your mind, body, and spirit before the school year kicks in. When I’m taking a break from homework, I like to watch tv (currently watching House MD!), go to the gym, or read a book. Some of my greatest memories as a Freshman were with my Inbound group. We tie-dyed t-shirts, got facials, hung out, and spoke about the things to expect within the next week and the broader spectrum of the entire year. We bonded through our similarities and our abilities to sympathize because of our differences. We supported each other and some of us remained really good friends or even roommates to this day.

Anvy Tran


Hometown: Boston, MA

POE: Professional Writing

I love to write, read, and be around happy people and good food. I like to play rugby, do pilates, and practice speaking in Spanish. My favorite Juniata tradition is Mountain Day.

Kabreena Rankine

Hometown: Stamford, CT

POE: Health Communication

About me: Hey Guys! My name is Kabreena and I am currently a Junior here at Juniata College! I enjoy doing lots and lots of activities, especially when I have the chance to do them with great friends. One thing I absolutely LOVE is food. Oh my gosh... I LOVE trying new foods and going to new restaurants just to eat a have a great time. When i'm not eating, I like to watch movies, dance, listening to music, and overall kick-back with great friends! My favorite tradition at Juniata would definitely have to be Madrigal. Madrigal is this huge Christmas party where we students are catered to by our professors and everyone comes dressed in their best. Its a real good time! My favorite thing about Juniata would be getting to know most our professors personally. Most times, if ever we have a question about anything (school-related or not) our professors are always eager to sit down with us one-on-one to just talk. It's great. Not many colleges offer their students this opportunity and I believe that this is what sets Juniata apart from the rest. My best inbound memory would definitely be making some of my closest friends. Participating in Inbound gave me the chance to meet and connect with others in my Inbound group and to this day I have become best friends with some of them. If I never participated in Inbound, I probably would have never made friends with the great people who I can now call my best friends!