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Huntingdon County Historical Newspaper Collection

Welcome to Huntingdon County Historical Newspaper Collection. Our first phase of digitization is complete. 20 years of the Huntingdon Gazette and 39 years of the Huntingdon Journal are available through Power Library PA Photos and Documents .

This is a fully searchable archive, although there are some limitations due to image quality of the original scans. If you encounter problems, please contact us and we will try to help you out -- email Andrew Dudash. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

We are always looking for old issues of Huntingdon County Newspapers before 1922. Currently we are looking for issues of the Huntingdon Gazette from 4-9-1812 to 3-16-1815. These issues were never microfilmed and we have been unable to locate bound volumes or individual issues from these dates. Please contact us for any help with regard to these missing issues. It is generally our policy to microfilm older papers before they are digitized.

Our goal over the next year is to complete the Huntingdon Journal to 1904 and to locate missing issues of the Gazette and Journal. We will also be considering future titles for inclusion into the digital collection.

Three titles from the county have also recently been accepted into Phase III of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Project. The Local News (1874-1878), the Daily Local News (1886-1898), and The Watchman (1879-1897) will be filmed as a result of this project. The Watchman began as a small format paper called the Fleabite, which will also be included in the project. The quality of the film produced for these papers should be of high quality, so they will be prime candidates for future digitization.

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