Campus Ministry

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Liturgical Ministers


Congratulations to all our Liturgical Ministers - Thank you for your service!
      Alicia Camacho                      Clarissa Diniz
      Sarah Hayes                          Katie Hilands
      Matt Johann                          Andrew McCauley
      Michelle Merola                      Jacob Oster
      Jeremy Papuga                      Dana Relation

Underclass Students:
      Loren Ball                               Anna Bistline
      Rebecca Brumbaugh                 Alex Debrecht
      Marissa Dougherty                   Christina Estright
      Suzanne Gloekler                     Cody Greenwald
      Brittany Jasper                        Veronica Kirchner
      Maggie Lykens                        Trey Mathews
      Ryan Mull                               Kathleen Myers
      David Paul                              Kim Proenca
      Pat Rea                                  Katie Shelledy   
Cameron Westerlund

If you would like to serve as a Liturgical Minister, please contact Lisa Baer by email at

Schedule for Spring 2014