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Just Play Ball: Michael Sam Comes Out

(Posted February 24, 2014)

University of Missouri's Michael Sam

Michael Sam, an openly gay NFL prospect from the University of Missouri, has created quite a stir in the media this past week. His coming out raised a lot of questions about his chances of being a high draft pick, the teams that may be interested in him, and the taboo of gay players in the NFL. Juniata College student-athletes give us their opinions on Michael Sam's preferences and possibility of playing in the NFL.

Ryan Mull '17, Fairfax, Va.

"It does not matter that he is gay. It's good because it's progressive and moves us forward. I'm happy with the general response from the public that not too many people care. He's comfortable with it and we should be too. People outside of the game may be unhappy about it, but that's bound to happen. I think it's great for the sport."

Kelvin Abrashoff '16, Mount Union, Pa.

"I'm totally fine with him being gay. His sexual orientation isn't going to take away from his athleticism. He's probably still going to be a high draft pick. If he is going to help your team win, who cares?"

Garret Pettyjohn '15 Buckscounty, Pa.

"In terms of business, it may hurt his draft stock. He is an excellent football player, gay or straight. Now that it is off his chest, he can focus on football and won't have to worry it at the NFL combine."

Matt Lehr '17, York, Pa.

"I don't think it would be easy to be a gay NFL player, but anything is possible. He had an entire team and organization behind him in college. If he has that with an NFL team, he will be fine."

Steve Galbraith '17, Lebanon, Pa.

"I think that as long as he can produce and play, he will be good. He's just going to have to leave his personal life at home. He is also going to need a healthy locker room environment and go in ready to do business. Even if Michael Sam doesn't make it as a player, he can still be a spokesperson or even a coach at Mizzou. I bet they still back him and respect him."

Davon Jackson '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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