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The Partner Degree Program at Juniata
August 13, 2014
The Partner Degree Program at Juniata offers students an opportunity to have two degrees after studying abroad for a year. Although this program benefits students in several areas, it is at the same time, a challenge.
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Lab Tab: Student Researcher Numbers Bloom in Summer
July 28, 2014
Acute observers of the Juniata College campus during the summer months have noticed there seems to be markedly more science researchers striding the halls of the von Liebig Center, BAC, and elsewhere than in years past. Biologist Vince Buonaccorsi offers some hypotheses on why more students are working in Juniata labs.
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The Evolution of Social Media
July 7, 2014
It all started with the Big Bang (as some believe). Others have a different approach. The planets were formed, the oceans and the sky were separated, and man becomes the dominant species of Earth. Then AOL Instant Messenger was created as people could log onto "chat rooms" and talk to pretty much anyone anywhere in the world. Next was Myspace where people would add others and create a "Top 5" to post their best friends in a ranked order as they wrote on each other's walls. Then the dawn of the Facebook era, followed closely by Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail, Vine, and. of course, Twitter. Now, practically everyone has a Twitter handle and/or a Facebook page and can easily talk to and converse with anyone at any hour. Juniata students walk us through their personal evolution of social media and give us an insight to where they see the social media craze evolving.
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Climate Change Debate Sparks Political Heat
July 2, 2014
This interview ran originally during the very cold winter of 2014. With torrential rains in the Midwest, hurricanes forming in the Atlantic, the issue of global warming is still in the news. Student reporter Zach Lemon talked to associate professor of geology, Matthew Powell.
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Is Conscription More Democratic than a Voluntary Military?
June 23, 2014
Conscription in the United States was abolished in 1973 following the Vietnam War. Though the Selective Service still remains in place, military service in the United States is voluntary; or is it? Emil Nagengast, professor of politics, explains the social and political repercussions of a voluntary military and advocates for a reinstatement of the draft.
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The Church in A Lurch: Reasons for the Declining Attendance Among Youth
June 16, 2014
According to the Hartford Institute on Religion Research, less than 20 percent of Americans actually attend church on a regular basis and between 4,000 and 7,000 churches are closing every year. Reverend David Witkovsky, Juniata's chaplain, provides insight into this trend away from religion based on research and his experiences at Juniata.
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Digging Out of Debt: Obama Takes on Student Loans
June 9, 2014
According to Forbes, student loan debt now accounts for $1.2 trillion of the national debt. In his second term, President Barack Obama has turned his attention to student loan reform as a way to strengthen the economy and ease the debt burden for students. To this end, he has been campaigning for this idea at colleges and universities throughout the US. James Lakso, former provost for Juniata College and professor of economics, talks about what might be in store for college students and their increasing debt.
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Blue, Gold...and Green!
June 4, 2014
Emily Harakal, a senior at Juniata and a co-president of Environmental Coalition, speaks about some of the club's activities and goals to promote a greener future for Juniata.
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Senior Class Gift Raises Questions
May 29, 2014
With graduation in the rear-view mirror, students and faculty are looking forward to the senior class gift, an outdoor classroom. The senior class voted on the gift and seniors donate their matriculation fee to pay for the construction. While students generally like the idea of having class outside, some fear that it will not be used enough to justify the expenditure. I spoke with several students about the prospect and received mixed opinions about the gift.
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The Profession of Professor
May 23, 2014
This week, Juniata professors explain why they decided to pursue their career paths. What drew them to become professors at Juniata?
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