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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked Questions to the Registrar's Office

How do I get an enrollment verification form for my health insurance, auto insurance, scholarship, etc? Download the enrollment verification form or send a letter, the form, or an email to the Registrar's Office with your name, address, ID # or SSN to our office.
How do I change my address? You can submit a change of address to the Registrar's Office (available online or in the Registrar's Office). This will update your record for the entire campus.
How do I figure out my GPA? How about in my major? Students can look on their final grade report and look for CALCULATED credit. This is the number used to divide the number of GRADE POINTS determined by the grade you received and the number of credits earned. See GPA Calculation under student forms.
What are the due dates for my POE, incomplete grades, etc.? Look to the Academic Calendar for these and other important dates.
What are the maximum credits permitted for a designated POE? 63
What are the maximum credits permitted for an individual POE? 63
May I complete two POEs? Yes, a student may complete two designated POEs; this is considered a Double POE. A separate POE form must be submitted for each POE. A student may have more than one POE, both titles will be recorded on the academic record and appear on the transcript; however, only one degree will be awarded, either a BA or BS.
What is a secondary emphasis? What is agreed upon by the Advisors/Departments. Approved secondary emphases are listed on the POE link.
How many independent studies are permitted in a POE? Two.
Can I have Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, my POE title if I majored in Biology? No.
How many CW-CS courses must I complete? see below for a full explanation
Can EN-110 count as a FISHN requirement? No, EN-110, College Writing Seminar (CWS) can only be a prerequisite for EN classes and for Russian courses taught in English.
Can a designated Q, QS, QM course count as a FISHN requirement? Yes.
Can 3 courses of Music at 2 credit a piece in the same instrument count as in-depth fine arts? Yes.
Can I combine 3 credits of Music courses and 3 credits of Fine Arts (outside of Music) to fulfill the Fine Arts requirements? Yes, but not in-depth. The 3 credits of applied music must be of the same instrument, voice or ensemble.
Can a Q fulfill a skills, FISHN distribution and POE? Yes.

Can an IC course fulfill a FISHN requirement?

Can a CA course fulfill a FISHN requirement?


Yes, if the course is not being used to meet CA; the course can not doubly count for CA & FISHN

Can an IC or CA course fulfill a POE requirement?


Can an IC or CA course that is also designated as CW be doubly counted to meet IC/CA and CW? Yes. If the course is designated CW it may meet IC/CA and CW.

Can an IC course be taken abroad?

No, however, the IC requirement is waived upon successful completion of a world language course beyond the 210 level in the target language and a semester or more of study abroad in the target language.

What is the IC and CA Waiver for study abroad? The IC and CA course requirement will be waived for students who successfully complete a world language course beyond the 210 level in the target language and a semester or more of study abroad in the target language and culture. 
Can a CA course be taken abroad? Yes, if the course is approved as meeting CA. Or, the course may be waived upon successful completion of a world language course beyond the 210 level in the target language and a semester or more of study abroad in the target language.

IC and a CA can be taken at the same time.


IC or CA can be taken in any order.


Does studying abroad fulfill the "I" requirement? Yes, students studying abroad under the Exchange or BCA program for one year receive 2 in-depth international waivers. When studying abroad for one semester the student receives 1 in-depth international waiver.
What is the Residency Policy? 30 of the last 36 credits must be taken in residence.
How many transfer credits can I bring in after entry at Juniata? If you brought in up to 23.99, you may transfer in 15 credits with only 8 of them allowed in the POE.

NEW CW DESCRIPTION: Approved for 2011-2012 Academic Calendar:

In addition to the College Writing Seminar, students will take at least four "C" courses (minimum 12 credits), two courses or a minimum of 6 credits must be writing-based (CW) and two of which may be speech-based (CS). One CW course must be in the POE.

A CW course devotes considerable time to the development and assessment of writing skills. CW courses require multiple writing assignments that total fifteen to twenty-five pages during the semester, though these totals may vary by discipline. The methods of teaching writing often vary by discipline and by instructor, but all CW courses explicitly address the mechanics of writing and editing. Consequently, the syllabus of a CW course indicates the specific writing goals of the class, the criteria by which writing assignments will be evaluated, and the writing or style manual(s) that serve as the basis of instruction. A significant portion of class time is specifically dedicated to learning writing skills. At least 35% of the final course grade will be determined by writing assignments.

CW courses are intended to help students develop, compose, organize, revise, and edit their own writing. They develop a student's abilities to identify and define a thesis as well as to collect, organize, present, and analyze evidence and documentation to disseminate knowledge. CW courses are not limited to English only.