Required Disclosure for the Clery Act

The Public Safety Office at Juniata College is an important area within Student Affairs. The staff of seven full-time officers, one full time office support officer, four part-time officers, are supervised by a Director who reports to the Dean of Students.

The Public Safety Office is a service-oriented operation on our campus. The Public Safety Officers have a variety of training and professional experiences ranging from criminal investigation procedures, self-defense techniques, and medical training. Each officer must go through periodic training as part of their employment requirements. Public Safety personnel are on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department has at its disposal a vehicle with full radio communication equipment to communicate with local law enforcement agencies and EMA. The Public Safety Officers have an excellent working relationship with the local and state police.

The sworn police officers receive their authority from Act 501 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes. Officers are also trained under Act 120, known as the Municipal Police Training and Education Act.

All Public Safety Officers are Act 235 certified to carry fire arms.

The College employs approximately 400 non student employees. To view employee information click on the the following: Human Resources

To view other policies and procedures click on the the following: Pathfinder

Routine checks by Public Safety and Facilities Services occur with regards to out door lighting, landscaping, grounds keeping and any other potential security problems.

Students and employees may report emergencies or criminal acts in a variety of ways: By calling the Public Safety Office 3163 or 911-1, Through their resident assistant or residence director, or by calling the Huntingdon Police directly. The College investigates all incidents that are reported by students and staff to determine the appropriate response and follow-up either through the campus judicial process or through the local or State Police Departments.

Policies for preparing the annual disclosure of campus crime statistics: The following statistics are furnished in compliance with the Federal Student Right-to-know and Campus Security Act of 1990(Clery Act) you can view the statistics supplied to the Department of Education by clinking on the following link: Clery Stats

You can view the Uniform Crime Report that is submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police by clicking on the following link: Crime Report

You can also view information about the campus judicial system by visiting the Dean of Students web page.

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act requires institutions to notify employees and students on where they can go to obtain the state information on individuals who may be employed or enrolled on campus that have been convicted of a criminal offense against a minor or convicted of a sexually violent offense. This information can be obtained from the following web site maintained by the PA State Police:

This information is provided on an annual basis to all current students and employees and upon request to prospective students and employees.

Any questions concerning this information should be directed to the Public Safety Office at (814) 641-3163

Statement of current campus policies regarding: Public Safety Home
Procedures and facilities for students to report criminal actions or other emergencies:

Policies for making timely warning reports to the campus community: WENS

Policies for preparing the annual disclosure of campus crime statistics:The following statistics are furnished in compliance with the Federal Student Right-to-know and Campus Security Act of 1990(Clery Act) you can view the statistics supplied to the Department of Education by clinking on the following link: Clery Stats

Emergency Procedure
Notice of Concern

Description of type and frequency of programs designed to inform students and employees about campus Public Safety procedures and practices to encourage responsibility for personal and community safety.

Campus Safety Programs

Description of programs designed to inform students and employees about crime prevention

Emergency Call Boxes
Campus Safety Programs

Statement regarding monitoring and recording through local police criminal activity in which students engaged at off-campus locations of student organizations officially recognized by the institution, including organizations with off-campus housing.

Off-Campus Living

Statement of policy re: Annual fire safety report

Fire Stats for 2013

Statement of policy re: the possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages and enforcement of Federal and State underage drinking laws.


Statement of policy re: the possession, use, and sale of illegal drugs and enforcement of Federal and State drug laws.

Other Controlled Substances

Description of drug or alcohol-abuse education programs as required under 120(a)-(d) of the Higher Education Act (can be a cross reference to other publications).

Other Controlled Substances
Health and Wellness

Statement of policy regarding campus sexual assault program to prevent sex offenses, and procedures to follow when a sex offense occurs. Statement must include:

  1. Description of educational programs to promote the awareness of rape, acquaintance rape and other forcible and non forcible sex offenses
  2. Procedures students should follow if a sex offense occurs, including:
    • Who should be contacted
    • The importance of preserving evidence for the proof of a criminal offense
    • To whom the alleged offense should be reported
  3. Information on the student's option to notify proper law enforcement officials (including on campus and local police) and a statement that institutional personnel will assist the student if requested.
  4. Notification of existing on-and off-campus counseling, mental health or other student services for victims of sex offenses
  5. Notification that an institution will change the victim's academic and living situations if changes are requested and are reasonably available.
  6. Procedures for campus disciplinary procedures in cases of an alleged sex offense, including a clear statement that:
    1. The accuser and accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding;
    2. Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of any institutional disciplinary proceeding brought alleging a sex offense (the institution's final determination and any sanction against the accused).
  7. Sanctions the institution may impose following a final determination of an institutional disciplinary proceeding regarding rape, acquaintance rape, or other forcible or non forcible sex offenses.

Criminal Sexual Misconduct
Sexual Harassment

Statement advising the campus community where law enforcement agency information provided by a State concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained. This information can be obtained from the following web maintained by the PA State Police:

Missing person: The following statement is the policy/procedure for notification when a student who resides on campus is reported missing :

In the event of a suspected missing Juniata College student, immediately contact a member of the Public Safety Department at 641-3636.
All reports of missing persons made to Residence Life and/or Public Safety Department staff are immediately reported to the Dean on Duty and followed up with an on-going investigation.

After consultant with the Dean of Students Office or the Dean on Duty, if the missing person report has any threatening/violate circumstances surrounding it, law enforcement would be immediately alerted.

If it is determined by the Public Safety Department and the Dean of Students that a student for whom a missing person report has been filed, has not been resolved when 24 hours or earlier, and had no known threatening/violate circumstances,  the Dean of Students will initiated the following:

The College requests all new students provide, on a voluntary basis, contact information in the event that the student would be reported officially missing during his or her tenure at the College.

Institution shall distribute the report by October 1st of each year to:

  1. Current students and employees by appropriate publication and mailings through:
    1. direct mailing to each individual (US Postal Service, campus mail, or electronic mail), or
    2. Publications provided directly to each individual, or
    3. posting on an Internet or Intranet web site (provided all required recipients are directly notified of how to access the report and given an opportunity to request a paper copy)
  2. Prospective students and employees upon request provided each is informed of the availability of the Public Safety report, given a summary of its contents and given the opportunity to request a copy. Institutions may comply with this requirement by using an Internet web site if they provide the exact electronic address of the report and provide a paper copy upon request.
  3. The crime statistics must also be submitted to the US Department of Education every year in a manner to be prescribed by the DOE.