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Designated POE

All POEs using the words Biology, Biological Science(s) or Zoology in the title must meet the course requirements of the Biology designated POE.

The designated Biology Secondary Education POE is carefully designed to ensure that students meet the requirements for teacher certification in Pennsylvania or other states. The requirements for teacher certification are complex, and students with an interest in this field are encouraged to discuss the possible course progression with their academic advisor the first semester.

Pre-Medicine and Health Professions

Health Professions fields, such as Pre-medicine, pre-nursing or other pre-health professional, are considered career tracks, not programs of study. Pre-health professions students at Juniata receive exceptional support from the Health Professions program and outstanding advising from Biology faculty and members of the Health Professions Committee. Although many pre-health professional students elect to follow the designated Biology POE, the requirements for most professional schools can be met with a number of other designated or individualized POEs. Pre-health students will meet regularly with their advisors to plan a program of study that meets their goals for a liberal arts education while assuring that prerequisites for professional school are met.

Secondary Emphasis in Biology


  • BI105, BI106 and BI207
  • Biology Laboratory courses BI121 and BI122
  • CH142/CH143 Integrated Chemistry Principles I and Lab
  • CH144/CH145 Integrated Chemistry Principles II and Lab
  • CH242/CH243 Integrated Chemistry:Organic and Lab
  • Two 300/400 level biology courses: must be from two different core areas; one course must have a laboratory component.

Graduating with Distinction

To graduate with distinction in the POE, seniors must complete an honors integrative experience, which is approved by two faculty members and presented in a public forum.

To achieve distinction in the POE, a student must:

  • have completed the requirements for a biology POE
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and also in biology course work at the time of application for distinction
  • Prior to the senior year, preferably by the Fall semester of the Senior year, get consent from a faculty member to participate in research with that faculty member. The student and the faculty member must submit to the department chair the student's intention to take the BI499W: Senior Thesis course along with an agreement of the faculty member to mentor the writing of the thesis. The student must then engage in a research project with the faculty mentor for a minimum of 6 credit hours.
  • The student must complete BI499W (Senior thesis) under the direction of the research mentor as it pertains to their research project.
  • A student may wish to pursue the honors integrative experience based on a summer research experience or internship. The internship or summer research experience must run a minimum of ten-weeks and the student must arrange to complete Senior thesis, with the writing under the direct supervision of the research or internship mentor. In this case, as above, the student must have the approval of the Biology department that they wish to pursue distinction in the POE. Approval is in the form of a letter or email from the internship mentor, agreeing to supervise the thesis writing.
  • The student is required to present their research on campus at the annual departmental "Senior theses night".  The Biology department faculty may opt in any given year to substitute with a presentation at the Juniata Liberal Arts Symposium.
  • The student must have their thesis evaluated and passed by their Honors Committee and subsequently confirmed by the Biology department that the research and thesis are of sufficient quality to merit distinction.
  • The student must complete the registrar's application for distinction form (available on the BI499W course moodle site), obtain required signatures, and submit it to the Biology department chair before spring break.

NOTE: The Health Professions Program provides advising for career tracks and as such, does not offer POEs. However, students aspiring to careers in the health professions may attain distinction in POEs in their respective departments.

Detailed POE Information