Liberal Arts Symposium Research

Recent Research Examples:

Morgan Horell '17

Understanding Why: A Creative Analysis of Four Social Media Content Producers and How Company Values Distinguish Their Unique Video Style and Tone
  • Bruno Rosa '18, "Quantum Computing: The Catalyst of a Computing Revolution." 
  • Diana Langer '17, "Beautiful Suffering: Structuring our vision of refugees as the other through winning Pulitzer Prize images in 2016."
  • Brittany Mlynek '17, "Establishing an online presence for a rural business: Creating a congruency between Internet strategies and brand to enhance audience reach."
  • Morgan Horell '17, "Understanding Why: A Creative Analysis of Four Social Media Content Producers and How Company Values Distinguish Their Unique Video Style and Tone."
  • Stephanie Njeru '17, "How do Kenyan women living in diaspora shape their sexual reproductive health through narrative? 
  • Alexis Hadden '15, "Can You Be Fat and Feminine? A Content Analysis of the Language Used in Continuing the Stigmatization of 'Fat' in American Culture."
  • Jeanine Haizlip '15, "Narrowing the Divide: Power of Politics or Power to the People?"
  • Kelsey Livoti '15, "Social Media and Rural Healthcare: A Data Analysis of it's Relevancy and the Role in a Small Community."
  • Haley Schneider '15, "The Capacity of the Visual Arts to Destroy Cultural and Generation Compartmentalization: An Alternative to Verbal Language, Which Induces 'The Negative'."
  • Heidi Kleber '15, "Call Me Ganymede: A Feminist Critique Using Bormann's Fantasy Theme Analysis of Shakespeare's As You Like It."
  • Taylor Whetsel '15, "Does 'IT' Still Matter: A Narrative Approach Exploring the Dynamic Definition of Virginity in the Formation of Women's Sexual Identity."
  • Matthias Guenzel '15, "Keeping a Cool Head: Using Bitzer's Rhetorical Situation to Analyze the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' as an Effective Viral Phenomenon."
  • Haley Schneider '15, "Competing Parasites: A Cluster-Agon Analysis of Grover Norquist's Political Speech."
  • Tobias Krebs '14, "The Violence of 9/11: A Comparison Between the Documentary 9/11 and the Fictional Movie, World Trade Center in the Day That Changed Our Lives Forever."
  • Allison Blumling '14, "Identity and Agency: A Pentadic Examination of Cancer Survivorship."
  • Christing J. Briggs '14, "Creating a Digital Identity: Developing the Integrated Media Arts presence.
  • Elise A. Mihranian '14, "America the Be-You-Tiful: A Content Analysis of Advertising & The Ideal Face of Beauty."
  • Samantha Ringer '14, "A Frame-Analysis of 'Alternative Medicine' in the New York Times (2005-2010)."
  • Brea Neri '15, "The 'I' of Malala: A Cluster-Agon Analysis of Malala Yousafzai as an Activist for the Education of Young Girls."
  • Catherine Scholl '14, "A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Crisis Communication Management in Social Media: How Joining the Conversation Saved the Reputations of the Red Cross and FedEx."
  • Ellen Santa Maria ’12, “Playing With Fire: How Customizing Human Life is Our Modern Day Pandora’s Box”
  • Alex Loughran ’12, “Video Games: The Future of Storytelling”
  • Thomas Eck ’12, “Hot or Not?: Identifying Differences in Facial Attractiveness Perception Between Groups and Individuals”
  • Sara Bean ’11, “Slick but Substantive: An Audience-Focused Redesign of an Admissions Magazine” and “Touch & Juniata’s Basketball Teams”
  • Lauren Cline ’11, “Storytellers of the Future”
  • Blake Colaianne ’11, “Tips from Edward Tufte: Displaying Technical Information in a Non-Technical Way”
  • Kelsey Deck ’11, “Verbal Aggression in “Hannah Montana”: An Exploration of Young Girl Identity Construction Through A Cultural Studies Approach”
  • Benjamin DeHass ’11, “ESL Students’ Views of Friendship with US Students: A Qualitative Approach to the Difficulties of Developing Intercultural Friendships”
  • Erik Dulick ’11, “An analysis of mythological archetypes and their influence on reality television: A closer look at the Hero’s Journey and mythic structures present in the reality show Survivor”
  • Kristyn Ginter ’11, “The Gestures of Memory”
  • Erica Harp ’11, “The Problem with Pink: Ideology and Impact of the Breast Cancer Brand”
  • Sergio Lopez ’11, “Social Networking in Communication”
  • Samantha Morgan ’11, “Sensitivity in Recognizing Universal and Blended Facial Expressions of Emotions”


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