“Juniata’s history professors have been so willing to give me opportunities to pursue what I am passionate about. They show so much enthusiasm in what they do and have a genuine interest in helping me succeed.”

Christy Atland ’18

A Distinct Experience

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Some Juniata history graduates attend graduate school to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in history, art history, and museum studies. Some pursue lively careers in the field at a wide variety of organizations including the National Park Service and various museums. Some find their professional homes in business and computer-related fields.

    • Madison Caso ‘17
    • works in academic publishing with the Pennsylvania State University Press.
    • Sara barclay '21
    • is finishing her MLIS degree at the University of North Carolina.
    • ben shupp '20
    • is an expert at Morphy Auctions, Denver, PA.
    • kaden zellers '21
    • is in medical school at the University of Rochester.
    • christina altland '18
    • is an object conservator at Colonial Williamsburg.


In the history department, 100 percent of faculty have earned Ph.D.s, and they serve, first and foremost, as professors. But, they keep their instruction fresh by publishing award-winning scholarship regarding poet-nuns, healers, freedom songs, Madeira wine, and more, written in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. They have presented at conferences in Huntingdon, Pa., and in Moscow, Russia, at Harvard University, and Berkeley. They even play “hall ball,” indoor golf in Founders Hall, with their students.

“I enjoy studying history at Juniata because my peer group is small. We have the opportunity to get to know one another and to work closely with our professors.”

Andrea Zilch ’19

Student Opportunities

Study Abroad: Enrich your understanding of other cultures and their histories. Juniata has programs on every continent except Antarctica. In recent years, history students have studied abroad at Leeds University, St. Johns University, and Lincoln University in the United Kingdom, Cork University in the Republic of Ireland, Glasgow University in Scotland, and Otago University in New Zealand. They have also interned in France, studied abroad in China, taken short-term study abroad courses to Rwanda, Japan, and China.

Internships: In the past five years, Juniata history students have interned at the nearby Johnstown Heritage Discovery Center, U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, President James Buchanan’s home, the U.S. Department of Justice, Center for Immigration Studies, the Smithsonian, the National Park Service, and at attorneys’ offices throughout central Pennsylvania.

Undergraduate Research: Conduct research in a topic of your choosing with the guidance of a faculty member. Then, present at conferences—like Juniata’s Liberal Arts Symposium, the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, or seminars specific to historical times or themes.