Take the following courses:

PS-101 Introduction to U.S. Government

An introduction to the theory and practice of United States government. The course surveys the underlying structure of U.S. politics, its economic, cultural and legal foundations and the daily practice of politics, e.g. groups, parties, and the mass media.

4 CreditsS, WK-SIPre- or Co-requisite: FYC-101

PS-102 Introduction to International Politics

Analyzes the principles and practice of international relations and the foreign policy of the United States, political, diplomatic, military and economic.

4 CreditsS, I, SW-GE

Take one of the following courses:

PS-221 American Political Thought

Covers development of American Political Thought from the Revolution to the modern-day. Special attention is given to the tension between liberty and equality in our system, especially as those tensions are revealed in writings of women and African-American writers.

4 CreditsH, CW, SW-US 

PS-222 Western Political Thought

Surveys selected works of philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche. The course will focus on enduring questions -- what is the good, the nature of the best regime, how do freedom and authority intersect, and so on.

4 CreditsH, WK-HTPre-Req or Co-Req: FYC-101 or EN-110 or EN-109

Take 12 additional credits from the Politics Department; at least three of these credits must be at the 300-level or above.

NOTE:  No more than six credits of Internship can be included in your secondary emphasis.  No more than six credits of Mock Trial can be included in your secondary emphasis.  Global Climate Change counts as a Politics Department course.

Secondary Emphasis Credit Total = 18

Six credits must be at the 300/400-level.  Any course exception must be approved by the advisor and/or department chair.