Nonprofit Leadership Masters of Arts

Develop innovative leadership abilities with global reach in our interdisciplinary program.

The MA in Nonprofit Leadership equips 21st century leaders to respond to pressing social challenges. Whether you work in the nonprofit, for-profit, or public sector, our program teaches the knowledge, skills and perspectives to develop you as a leader.

Our online program lets you choose to focus on particular knowledge and skill development or to acquire a range of abilities to lead nonprofit organizations and design and implement transformative strategies for social change. The curriculum creates opportunities for leaders, current and future, to identify and develop personal strengths, to hone inherent talents, and develop new skills.

Nonprofit Leadership class

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The Master’s program in Nonprofit Leadership (NPL) is a natural extension of Juniata’s storied contributions to a field that focuses on leadership, advocacy and social change and community engagement.

The program in Nonprofit Leadership at Juniata College is an interdisciplinary MA program that provides students with the foundational theories and skills leaders need to work successfully in the public service and nonprofit sectors. The curriculum addresses all areas of the sector including leadership skills, working with boards and volunteers, marketing and fundraising, fiscal managements, program assessment, advocacy, and social change. The program provides a special emphasis on social innovation and problem solving skills, particularly for working with communities who have been marginalized by geography, culture, or custom.