The JCT is a database of Juniata parents, alumni, and friends who are willing to share their career experience and advice with students and alumni. This is a valuable service to students and alumni in their career planning.

The Alumni Council, Alumni Relations Office, and Career Development have committed to creating and building this valuable "team." Currently, over 900 Juniata alumni, parents, and friends have joined the JCT database.

Now you can even register to be a JCT volunteer on-line!

Log onto the JCT Database 

All Juniatians are invited to take advantage of the JCT database, which is searchable, by member name, vocation and state.

To begin, launch the JCT Database and log-in using your Eaglenet Username and Password, then search JCT members by filling in or making selections in any or all of the three search criteria (name, vocation or state).

Launch the JCT Database

Why Volunteer for JCT?

All alumni and parents of students (current and former) are invited to participate as volunteers in the JCT program. Developing a parent - alumni career network is about teamwork among Juniata College graduates and current students.

Volunteering as part of the Juniata Career Team database can be very rewarding for both you and the student. Sharing your experiences can help students make good decisions and feel confident about entering the work force or graduate/professional school.

Common Questions

As a JCT volunteer, students may ask you questions about any of the following topics:

  • Specifics about a particular industry or occupation
  • Appropriate classes or necessary preparation for a field or position
  • Perks and drawbacks of a field
  • Internship and job possibilities
  • Relocation questions regarding cost of living, climate, or quality of life
  • Graduate/professional school experience

Student Mentoring and Internships

Juniata is very committed to providing students with a personable, quality experience.

During the 2001-2002 academic year a new program was initiated in which all new JC freshmen were assigned an alumni "mentor." Most mentoring took place via email and alums were asked to initiate contact with the student at least 5 times during the year. Students and mentors were matched by career interests (as possible) and during the first year more than 60% had contact. Today, Juniors instead of freshmen are assigned mentors, but the process is still the same.

In addition, Juniata is committed to experiential education and career programming, so we will also ask if you or your organization sponsors internships and if you would be willing to be a part of special programming regarding career development.

How JCT Helps Students

No two career paths are alike, and the Juniata Career Team can assist students in taking the first steps of developing a career plan. Utilizing the JCT will help students become better prepared than the competition. In fact, students can use the JCT database throughout their collegiate career.

The Juniata Career Team is a critical resource to a student's job search. Students can research the JCT volunteers by their vocation, industry, graduate/professional school, employer name, and even state.

The personal experience students gain from alumni contact and the practical experience students gain from internships is valuable to them in choosing a career and in getting a job. These "real world" interactions help students identify likes, dislikes, talents, and weaknesses as well as develop skills useful in any career.

How JCT Helps Alumni

In our rapidly changing world and increasingly insecure job market, alumni are fully aware that creative and competitive strategies are necessary to enhance one's career path. The JCT is an invaluable tool for career-minded individuals. Alumni can learn more about career trends and establish a competitive edge through job referrals, career counseling, and orientation on virtually every career imaginable. All alumni are invited to take advantage of the JCT database.

How Do I Sign Up?

To volunteer to be part of the Juniata Career Team database, fill out the on-line form today!

Please be aware that the value of the volunteer experience is your willingness and availability to share your knowledge. You may be contacted within a month, within a year, or possibly, but unfortunately, not at all. Having a variety of career mentors available is a vital key to the success of the program.

Thank you for your continuing support of your alma mater, and for your acknowledgment of the importance of giving something back. We value your service and your teamwork.

Reporting Volunteer Hours