From internships and undergraduate research to study abroad, student teaching, service-learning, and more, 90% of Juniata students participate in distinctive hands-on learning. That's just one reason that 95% of our most recent graduates were employed or in graduate school six months after graduation.

What Students Say:

"Studying abroad in England gave me a change to expand my senior thesis that I started in my Baltimore neighborhood, 'Using Community Art to Assess neighborhood Quality,' to several neighborhoods in London." - Brittany Gregory '12, completed undergraduate research, study abroad,  and a few other forms of hands-on experience while at Juniata

"The garden has been something the students have wanted to do for a long time. We've delivered tomatoes, squash, and peppers and the dining halls have served the vegetables during the summer to students attending camps on campus." - Elly Engle '11, initiated the organic garden at Juniata

What Employers Say:

"Juniata interns have brought strong basic skill sets and enthusiasm for learning that are refreshing and productive for my program." - Ruth Welliver, Plant Pathology Program Manager at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

"I was looking for physics students who had the personal drive to learn and participate. Our Juniata interns were great, each contributing in their own way and both demonstrating the self-discipline and interest to make significant contributions over the short summer period." - Dr. John L. Orrell, Research Scientist at the National Security Directorate of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"Hiring a Juniata College student intern gives me someone who is up-to-date on current technology and eager to learn while doing. Juniata interns are tremendously productive, extending my staff capabilities for little or no cost." - Richard E. Stahl, Planning Director at Huntingdon County Planning and Development

"The Juniata intern was intelligent, had fresh ideas and provided youthful yet sophisticated input on some very complex issues." - Frederich Liechti, J.D., C.P.A., Partner at Pittsburgh Tax Attorney