Christina Altland


Assistant Admission Counselor


Christina's Bio

Christina Altland

  • Class of 2018
  • History, Archaeology, Museum Studies
  • Activities: Tour Guide, JC Concert Choir, Archaeology research, Juniata Christian Fellowship, Catholic Council

During her time here at Juniata, Christina has come into her own. Coming into college, she knew she wanted to go into the very specific field of object conservation. By taking advantage of the individualized POE system, she was able to take a unique set of classes that met her interests and requirements for graduate programs in her field. Christina says, “because my professors knew me and my goals they could help me find work in conservation through internships and research.”

 Christina studied abroad for a year in Scotland through a Juniata fellowship. During her time abroad, she embraced the challenges of independence and became a worldly student. Christina was also able to accomplish this through her travels with the Juniata College Concert Choir. With the choir, she toured amazing locations including Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. On her Juniata experience, Christina says, “The opportunities that Juniata has provided me, both here and abroad, have been exceptional in my development as an individual and I've learned more than I could have ever imagined.” She is excited to tell prospective students about all the remarkable things they can do at the College too.