Drew Goodwin


Assistant Admission Counselor


Drew's Bio

Drew Goodwin

  • Class of 2018
  • International Studies POE w/ Secondary Emphasis in Spanish
  • Activities: Spanish Club, German Club, Power Up Gambia

I looked everywhere not in Pennsylvania for college. From Tokyo, to Seattle, and back to Washington DC, I thought I wanted a big school in a big city. Something however, just didn’t feel right about them; something was missing. Upon visiting Juniata I realized that “something” was a strong sense of community and personalization. From the moment I stepped on campus for my first visit I felt welcomed and like I was already part of the community. Four years later and I still feel the same about the loving community that I have been a part of.

Coming from a city and knowing I wanted to major in something international, I was initially concerned about Juniata’s rural location. However looking back, my concerns were entirely unnecessary. I studied abroad after my freshman year in the Gambia, after my sophomore year in Guatemala, and the fall semester of my junior year in Mexico. During my sophomore year I was also able to attend a two-week seminar in DC through Juniata’s connection to the Washington Center. Living in the Global Village community, I’ve been able to make friends from all over the world and learn about so many different cultures. Juniata is a small school in a rural area yes, but its also one with a large international presence.

Any students who are interested in Juniata College are welcome to contact Drew with any questions or chat about their interest in Juniata via