Enhance your life experiences and learning opportunities through the Fellows program.

Juniata truly values internships, study abroad, service, research and other hands-on learning opportunities. That's why we've created the Fellows Program. After being selected through a competitive process, Juniata Fellows can receive additional financial support ranging from $4,000 to $6,000. Fellows use this money to pursue enhanced learning opportunities in their field of interest.

Attend professional development conferences. Initiate collaborative ventures with professional agencies. Work closely with nonprofit agencies to create service-learning projects. Apprentice with professional artists. Travel to engage with exceptional instrumental soloists or ensembles. As a Fellow, you will not only explore beyond the classroom, but receive adequate support to do so.

Click on any of the fellowship programs below for details about each one. Please note that students are permitted to compete for only one fellowship.

Fellowships are available in:

o environmental science and studies
o fine arts
o theatre arts
o instrumental music
o peace and conflict studies
o world languages and cultures
*Transfer students and international students are not eligible.

Visit the websites of the departments associated with the fellowship programs:

o Enviornmental Science Department Page
o World Languages and Cultures Department Page
o International Studies Department Page
o PACS Department Page
o Theatre Department Page
o Arts Department Page
o Music Department Page