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Scholarships and Aid

Outstanding students deserve to be rewarded for outstanding accomplishments.

Juniata offers an array of competitive scholarships that recognize the outstanding achievements of incoming students. Academic Scholarships at Juniata strive to reward students who do well academically, but also contribute to their school and/or community by getting involved. At Juniata, we believe that involved students in high school are involved students during their college experience. For most scholarships at Juniata, all you have to do is apply to be considered! For others, such as the John Stauffer Full Tuition Scholarships, and the Juniata Fellows program, additional steps are required for consideration.

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Academic Scholarships

John Stauffer Full Tuition Scholarships - John Stauffer Scholarships are an opportunity for entering students who have achieved National Merit or National Achievement Finalist status as determined by the governing body under the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to earn a full tuition award.  All finalists must come to campus for an interview with the selection committee.  Students can begin the interview process as a semi-finalist in anticipation that they will become a finalist.  The college will award a total of four John Stauffer awards each year.  All awards are four year awards.  Finalists attending Juniata must present to the college the official notification of Finalist status and indicate Juniata as their final college choice.

James Quinter Scholarships - Quinter Scholarships are awarded to students who achieve exceptional results in the classroom. Quality of program and strength of academic schedule are factored into the selection of Quinter Scholars. In general, students who have achieved a 3.75 GPA and at least a 1320 (M+V) /29 ACT Composite are eligible for the $18,000 scholarship.  Quinter Scholarships are renewable each year for four years.

Calvert Ellis - Calvert Ellis Scholarships are awarded to students who achieve a 3.65 GPA and at least 1210 (M+V)/27 ACT composite are eligible for consideration.  Calvert Ellis Scholarships are valued at $16,000 and renewable annually.

M.G. Brumbaugh - M.G. Brumbaugh Scholarships are awarded to students whose cumulative GPA is at least a 3.45 are eligible for consideration. Scholarships are valued at $14,000 each year for four years.

Elizabeth Baker - Elizabeth Baker Scholarships are awarded to students balancing a full academic schedule, extracurricular activities and whose cumulative GPA is at least a 3.25 are eligible for consideration. Scholarships are valued at $10,000 each year for four years.

Heritage Awards - Heritage Scholarships, valued between $2,000 and $8,000 per year, are awarded to students who show commitment to academic excellence, leadership and community service that culminate in a level of understanding among diverse groups.  These may be awarded in addition to any of the first four scholarships described above.

Students can apply for most of Juniata's Academic Scholarships simply by completing the application for admission. All applications submitted by March 1 will be reviewed for scholarship eligibility.