How Do I Pay for My Juniata Education?

  • Outside Scholarships: Funds from non-Juniata agencies are deducted from your estimated family cost, not from our award.
  • Tuition Management Systems (TMS): With no interest or finance charges, your parents can enroll to finance your costs over 10 months through TMS. A nominal fee is charged to set up.
  • Parent Loans: Through the PLUS loan (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students), payments can be extended up to 10 years.
  • Private Education Loans: Credit-based loans (also called alternative loans) are offered by banks and other lending institutions to students. Some loans of this type require co-signers, and some do not. Details vary depending on the program and lender.
  • Campus Employment: Additional student employment may be available. Work is not credited against charges but is paid directly to the student during the academic year.

The following are only a few scenarios of how a student can combine the financial aid options listed above. The scenarios are based on a student receiving an award letter with an estimated family cost of $20,000.

Scenario 1  Scenario 2 
Estimated Family Cost $20,000 Estimated Family Cost $20,000
Outside Scholarships $5,000 Tuition Payment Plan $2,000/month $3,000
Tuition Savings Plan $500/month $5,000    
Private Education Loan $10,000    
Scenario 3  Scenario 4 
Outstanding Balance $20,000 Outstanding Balance $20,000
Outside Scholarships $2,000 Outside Scholarships $3,000
Tuition Savings Plan $5,000 Tuition Savings Plan $500/month $5,000
Tuition Payment Plan $1,300/month $13,000 Student Summer Wages $2,000
    Parent PLUS Loan $10,000