Working On Campus

Juniata offers a host of on- and off-campus employment opportunities that help students to develop marketable skills while defraying their educational expenses. Available positions are noted on Handshake program.

While Juniata cannot guarantee that all interested students will secure employment, there has been a fairly even balance between the number of available positions and the number of students who are interested in working. Studies of student success at the College show that students who work on campus more than seven hours per week have better outcomes. Campus employment is limited by the budgets for individual positions and in no case can exceed seventeen hours per week.

For students who acquire significant experience through campus employment prior to their senior year, the College offers more than fifty Juniata Associate positions. These are positions for which the student has a professional level of responsibility and receives additional compensation.

Working Off Campus

Students interested in off-campus work opportunities funded through the federal work study program must qualify through either the State Work Study Program or Juniata's federally subsidized Community Service Program.

Significant opportunities also exist for students to obtain employment directly from local businesses and organizations.