Reunion Committees

The following class members have volunteered to help plan your special reunion weekend and are available to answer any questions you may have. If you’d like to join the committee or contact any of the committee members, please email the staff liaison.

Class of 1968 - 50-Year Reunion

Facebook Group:  Juniata College Class of 1968
Reunion Committee:  Sue (Andrews) Alexander, Paul Baker, Ellen (Fisher) Brown, John Cook, Connie (Baysinger) Davis, Joan Edwards, Sue Esch, Paul Hirseman, Ruth (Bartleson) McDowell, Jerry Miley, Carole (Climer) Molder, Gayle (Wampler) Pollock, Pat Reber, Kitty (Rock) Rodgers, Carol (Davis) Russell, John Russell, Alice Sayler, Chris Sherk, Char (Barnes) Sidell, Linda (Ronning) Terry, Phil Thompson, Sally (Stever) Unger, Terry Wickham, Mark Zaritsky, George Zlupko
Staff Liaisons:  Christina (Garman) Miller '01, Cathy Closz, Mat Stoudnour

Class of 1973 - 45-Year Reunion

Facebook Group:  Juniata College Class of 1973
Reunion Committee:  Pam Hurd-Knief, Linda (Wachsmuth) McKonly, Frank Pote, Roger Rockwell, Sue (Lyter) Vayo, Mary White, Kelly (Crain) Wike
Staff Liaison:  Sally Oberle '99

Class of 1978 - 40-Year Reunion

Facebook Group:  Juniata College Class of 1978
Reunion Committee:  Bill Bruner, Bonnie (Books) Cochard, Carolyn (Setzer) Diercksen, Doreen (Patras) Cramer, Fran Fiorino, Rick Heath, Marianne Porsch, Laura (Fillman) Strine, Dave Vila, Al Wirt
Staff Liaison:  Greta (Gibboney) Hall

Class of 1983 - 35-Year Reunion

Facebook Group: Juniata College Class of 1983
Reunion Committee:  Mimi (Cummings) Antonetti, Michelle (Bomba) Boswell, Sara (Sonntag) Brown, Mary Collyer, Amy (Garthwaite) Hubert, Russ Keat, Cherie (Sunday) Meadors
Staff Liaison:  Dawn Scialabba

Class of 1988 - 30-Year Reunion

Facebook Page:  Juniata College Class of 1988
Reunion Committee:  Derek Grubb, Mike Migatulski, Ann (Tinsman) Rab, Jen Wade, Julie Williams-Krishnan
Staff Liaison:  Katie (Padamonsky) Dickey '97

Class of 1993 - 25-Year Reunion

Facebook Group:  Juniata College Class of 1993
Reunion Committee:  Karen Beck, Sherry (Walter) Brown, Chuck Gojmerac, Brad Haubert, Jon Thaler, Wally Wojcik
Staff Liaison:  Miranda (Peruso) Gresko '00

Emeriti Reunions

Class of 1958 - 60th Reunion:  Classmates have begun planning special activities for the class, under the leadership of Sylvia (Shemeld) Edwards and George Fattman. For more information, contact staff liaison Carole Gracey.
Class of 1963 - 55th Reunion:  Classmates Dave Oliver and Tom Rupert are leading a group of classmates who are making reunion plans for the class. For more information, contact staff liaison Katie Dickey.