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Job Shadow Testimonials - Past Participants

Abby Funk '09 and Tim Gill '08 - Both shadowed Dr. Tom Terndrup '77, Chair of Emergency Medicine at Hershey Med.
Abby Funk ’09

Hosted by Tom Terndrup ’77, Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine; Associate Dean for Clinical Research Job Duties at the Hershey Medical Center

“My whole day was full of learning but one thing that sticks out is learning about the residency program. I had never been exposed to that before and it was a great experience.”

“The job shadow program was a great experience that exposed me to a different part of medicine. You really learn about the profession of the individual and this kind of experience is not something that can be learned in books. I also made a few connections that could help me in the future.”

Megan Dieckman ’07

Hosted by Pam (Green) Kochel ’80, Chemistry Teacher at Lampeter-Strasburg High School

“My hosts (Pam and Randy Kochel) were nothing less than perfect. They made Degha and I feel right at home. We had a wonderful meal that night at their home and talked about Juniata and our travel abroad experiences. We talked about their jobs and what to expect for the next day.”

“The shadow itself was a very valuable experience for me. I worked with students, met faculty and staff, and even went through a lot of Pam's prep materials and activities. She made copies of the activities I was interested in and even sent me her power points to use for the future!”

Tom Beideman ’08

Hosted by Karen Heart ’88, Director of Clinical Development at Neuronetics, Inc.

“The day of the shadow went very smoothly. Karen had a whole day planned out for me. I met with pretty much everyone who worked at her office and I got a very good idea of all of the different components that make a clinical research firm work. I also got a feel for what kind of opportunities are out there in the field and how those positions can be obtained.

The shadowing program is a great opportunity for students - not even just the shadowing, but attending the alumni event was helpful too. I met a few people at the event who work in the field that I am interested in and they were very helpful in giving advice and even helping me find a summer job. Not only did I learn a lot about the field I shadowed, I also learned how to be a good alumnus.”

Janelle Mitchell ’07

Hosted by Meg McLaughlin ’92, Occupational Therapist at Loudoun County Public Schools

“Meg was extremely sweet and accommodating! She went out of her way to plan a full day for me. She even made arrangements for me to meet with some of her colleagues who she thought may have also interested me. She was full of helpful information and was fun to talk to.”

“I found that I may actually be interested in occupational therapy, or a similar profession. I am still pretty undecided, but at least I have one more thing to consider.”

Meredith Eatough ’09

Hosted by David Molchany ’83, Deputy County Executive/CIO for the Fairfax County Government

“I would definitely recommend this program to students in the future since it is a good way to network with our alumni and see how Juniata is beyond the actual campus. The luncheon, before the actual job shadow, was really beneficial because you got to meet a wide range of alumni that work in positions that you may or may not be interested in but are still exposed to.”

“This program is beneficial for all areas of study and those who chose not to participate are crazy because it is not only a fun time, and a day out of classes, but also an educational one in which you can see what happens in a professional environment. It is better to see what all your options are before you go out into the real world with no idea of your options!”