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Physics experiment presentation

Education is of the utmost importance at Juniata College. Our professors take great pride in making your education experience fun and enjoyable, all while gaining valuable knowledge for the future.


Learning about nature

Seeing the world is a great way to enhance your college experience. Juniata allows for students to travel practically anywhere in the world, not only to expand students knowledge base, but to make lasting memories as well.

Cultural Events

Enjoying Oktober fest's fun, food, and drinks

With such a diverse student body, Juniata College celebrates all walks of life with various cultures' traditions and festivals all throughout the year. 


East Hall in the Winter

Juniata College's campus and building gives students a homey yet professional environment to meet new people and shape their futures.


Juniata's famous "Storming of the Arch"


The traditions of Juniata College are held near and dear to the student body and faculty alike. Everyone enjoys partaking in festivities like "Campus Fest" and Storming of the Arch" to raise school spirit or just to take a study break.


Snowy season fun

Juniata College, being located in Huntingdon Pennsylvania, is surrounded by nothing but wonderful views all year around. From spring to winter there are always new and breathtaking views in any direction.