Students playing eSports together at Juniata College
Sarah C Rohrer '21



The Esports program at Juniata is one facet of the college’s inclusive, engaged, and vibrant community. As a co-curricular pursuit, Juniata’s Esports program connects and empowers many of our students to develop into their authentic selves.  Our campus boasts a broad, strong gaming community of casual observers and players to competitive varsity athletes.


Juniata’s Esports program complements our academic environment in which our students and programs seek academic rigor and intellectual challenge. We recruit student athletes who have the ability and commitment to benefit from a Juniata College education and from inter-collegiate competition.


Juniata College’s Esports program strives to be nationally competitive for each of our teams. We provide our athletes with designated facilities, coaching, and competition for our Esports teams and players. Our athletes will be competitive and successful in the game space and equally so in classroom environments.


Our Esports program is set apart by the Juniata culture and community. Our program and athletes fully embrace the distinctive character of Juniata, becoming immersing and enmeshed within an active, engaged, holistic learning experience in which participation in Esports is a vehicle for growth and success after graduation.