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Juniata College
Flower Policy
In the event of death of Trustees, students, spouses, children or parents of trustees, an appropriate floral arrangement consisting of yellow flowers with a blue ribbon will be sent in the name of Juniata College. The responsibility will be as follows:
In the event that there is a death of an employee, their spouses, children or parents a memorial book will be placed in the name of the deceased in the Juniata College Library. In the event that the death affects more than one employee flowers will also be sent from the College.
Death of Persons in the Group Listed                                    Person responsible for Memorial
Trustees and designated relatives                                         President's Office
(A memorial book or flowers)
Employees and designated relative                                        Director of Human Resources
(A memorial book or flowers)
Students or family member                                                    Dean of Student Services
(A memorial book or flowers)
Retired employees and spouses                                            Director of Human Resources
(A memorial book or flowers)
Special circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the President's Office.
Floral tributes or remembrances other than under the circumstances described above should be handled personally or by groups of persons, but not at the expense of the College.
If the family does not wish a floral remembrance, the deceased will be memorialized with a book gift to the Juniata College Library, persons responsible for the memorial should contact the College Librarian. It is the policy of the College not to make cash contributions to other charitable organizations.
The Campus Minister and /or all administrative officers are requested to notify the President's Office and the Office of Human Resources of a death.
Revised by Cabinet 3/14/00.

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