Direct Contact with Enrollment Officers Regarding Prospects and Applicants


Direct Contact with Enrollment Officers regarding prospects and applicants

  •  When is it appropriate for coaches to meet with, talk to or email enrollment officers?
    • When hard-to-get prospects or applicants come up for:
      • Acceptance to Juniata
      • Awarding for or estimates of financial aid packages.
  • What are acceptable purposes for coaches’ direct communication to Enrollment Officers?
    • Coaches may provide intelligence about prospects and applicants so that enrollment officers can exercise their most effective possible professional judgment for the College in relevant admissions and financial aid decisions:  
      • What schools are our competition.
      • Any net cost comparisons available or willingly provided by prospects.
      • Deadlines we might be facing (when is decision going to be made).
    • Coaches should seek to engineer direct communication between the Enrollment Office and prospects’ families about financial aid awards (Coaches are not to be a conduit for financial aid information).
    • Regarding financial aid and admissions decisions, coaches should “manage contacts” between enrollment officers and prospects families.
    • Note that while a college can compete within need for accepted applicants, athletics ability in and of itself cannot be a direct reason for effecting change to a financial award by the College. 

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