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Juniata College Elevation to Varsity Status Petition


Juniata College and its’ Athletic Department encourage students to become active participants in growing the scope and strength of our athletic programs.  Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance are strong considerations as we evaluate opportunities to elevate club, intramural and new sport interests to the varsity level. If you are interested in participating in a sport that is not currently sponsored by the Juniata College Athletic Department, please fill out this form and return to:
Caroline Gillich, Senior Woman Administrator
Office Location: Top Floor of Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center
Phone: 814-641-3519      Email: gillicc@juniata.edu
Individual making request:
Name_­­_________________________________ Email____________________________________
Student ____     Faculty____       Administrator____     Parent____          Other____
Sport being requested for elevation to Varsity status:    __________________________________
What level have you competed in this sport?  High school_____ club level ____other ______none______
Is this sport offered at the NCAA Championship or Emerging Sport Level in Division III? ____________
Is a championship in this sport sponsored by the Landmark Conference? _____________
Is this sport sponsored by any schools in the Landmark Conference? ____________
Is a championship in this sport sponsored by the Centennial Conference? ____________
Is this sport sponsored by any schools in the Centennial Conference? ____________
If you have any questions regarding this form and/or related concerns, please contact Caroline Gillich.
 Thank you for sharing your interest in Juniata College Athletics.

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