Pre-season Checklist



There are a number of administrative tasks that need to be completed at the beginning of a new academic/athletic year.  Please use this checklist to update your own list of things-to-do for the upcoming year.

  • Declaration of playing-practice season.  Please forward your anticipated traditional/non-traditional playing season to Scott McKenzie by August 15th of each year.  If you have any questions about allowable times, dates please call Scott or Larry Bock. 

  • Distribute practice schedules, rosters and game schedules to appropriate people (Tony, Jeff, Pete, Belinda, Lori) and keep them informed about any changes.

  • Review contest limitations for your sport and confirm that all of your contest dates are permitted.  Scrimmages are counters for most sports.  Remember that JV contests will count against an individual student-athlete’s contest limitation.  You must keep track of who is playing in any JV games.  If you have not done so already, please forward a copy of your schedule(s) to Lori.

  • Review your budgets to be sure your funding can accommodate travel plans, preseason food costs, roster size, etc.   Check with Lori or Belinda for bus trip costs for Landmark and Centennial contest bus trips.  Head coaches are responsible for managing their rosters, travel and purchases to fit within budgets.

  • Administer and collect NCAA Eligibility and Drug Testing Consent forms prior to your 1st practice.  These forms will be distributed to you prior to you at the first coaches meeting. Remember that any student-athlete who has not turned 18 needs a parent signature on the Drug Testing Consent form.  International athletes have a separate form that can be obtained from Lori (the international athlete form also requires AD signature).

  • Banned Substances – Review this list with every student athlete prior to the 1st practice. Stress to them that Jeff Leydig should review any supplement, vitamins, medication, etc. they are taking.  Many nutritional supplements contain banned substances.

  • Every team should review/develop team drug and alcohol policies.  These policies should build on what is already contained within applicable state and federal laws as well as the Juniata College Code-of-Conduct and Athletic Department Policies.   The Athletic Department Policy Handbook should be on each of your bookshelves and is on the athletics website under “Mission”.

  • Re-read all athletics policies yourself and review applicable policies and procedures with student-athletes prior to the 1st team practice.  Especially note: academic; violence; hazing; travel, equipment; eligibility; and medical policies.  There is no excuse for not know the policies.

  • Advise your athletes that they will become ineligible if they do not maintain and actively persist in a minimum class load of 12 credits.  

  • Review NCAA rules regarding practice activities.

  1. Once classes begin, teams must have one day off per calendar week.  Film review is not a day off. Captains Practices are also a countable athletically related activity.

  2. Athletes may not miss class time for practice.  They also may not miss class time for contests during the non-traditional segment.

  3. Athletes and game personnel (including coaches) are not permitted to use tobacco products during games or practices. 

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