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Guidelines for Affiliate Ministers


As Juniata College prides itself in being a community encompassing individuals from all walks of life including but not limited to faith, religions, or cultures, our focus is to provide support for all individuals within the realm of their exploration of life choices.  Because of our commitment to community, Juniata College has one College Chaplain appointed by the Board of Trustees.  This individual is responsible for the overall spiritual direction of the campus community.


Individuals representing other faiths, denominations, or religious are welcome to participate within the campus community providing they following the guidelines set forth by Juniata College.



  • Register Form (forms may be requested in the Campus Ministry Office) completed and returned to the College Chaplain
  • Official letter from the individual’s denomination or sponsoring organization recognizing them as an official affiliate with Juniata College pending approval by the College Chaplain.
  • Meet with College Chaplain prior to approval of affiliation.


  • Guest ID and Guest Parking Permit.
  • Access to meeting space through the Unity House staff.
  • Guest account for computer usage including access to college calendar, Internet connect and Microsoft programs
  • Meet with interested students and or groups for discussion and /or event planning.
  • Through the Campus Ministry Office, affiliates may communicate with students identifying with their particular denomination.
  • Limited meal passes for the purpose of meeting/planning/discussion with students.




  • Religious groups or organization desiring to be active on campus must have a student sponsor for their activities
  • May only serve in the capacity of a co-advisor for any recognized student group or organization.  All potential student groups must complete an Application for Recognition by Student Government and must have a Juniata College employee as their primary advisor.
  • May not have access to the campus directory or other “private/confidential” student, staff, faculty, administration information as defined by PHERPA regulations.
  • Juniata College reserves the right to terminate an Affiliate’s relationship with the institution at any time.




  • Prior to anyone assisting the recognized affiliate in direct student contact (outside of campus employees), this person(s) must have a background check completed and returned to the College Chaplain.
  • Meet with the Campus Ministry staff at least twice annually to coordinate planning and evaluation. 

Office of Campus Ministry – Juniata College

Religious Affiliation Form



Name              ____________________________________            Phone __________________


Address          __________________________________________________________________


Religious Affiliation ____________________________________________________________


Address of Affiliated            ______________________________________________________



Phone of Affiliated Organization    _________________________


Statement of Purpose: What are your goals for being affiliated with Juniata College?




Activities:  What activities do you expect to do this year?





All those seeking affiliation are to be familiar with and know the policies, guidelines and procedures for student organizations and Juniata College.  By signing below, you agree that you have read the Pathfinder ( and Student Organization Handbook ( and that you agree to the following:


By seeking affiliation, all individuals affirm the religious pluralistic character of the campus community and agree to respect the faith traditions of all persons by refraining from door to door solicitations in residence halls and offices, or seeking to advance the interest of their denomination or organization in ways that would be considered harassment of others.


I understand that the College’s liability for my actions in religious leadership/campus ministry at Juniata College is strictly limited, as with anyone whom the College does not employ.



_________________________________________              ________________________

Signature                                                                                 Date


Please return your Registration Forms to: College Chaplain, 1905 Moore St., Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA  16652.

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