Summer Student Housing

Residential Life

·        College housing is available during the summer to students who are enrolled in Juniata College summer courses, performing research at the College, participating in an approved internship or working for the college in a position that involves over twenty-five (25) hours a week of work. 
·        Students living in college housing who meet the above criteria will be charged at a rate of one-half the weekly summer conference rate (the weekly summer conference rate for 2006 is $105.00 per week, consequently summer students working for the college over 25 hrs./week will be charged $52.50) The rate is based upon Sunday through Saturday occupancy will not be pro-rated for abbreviated stays during any given week. Students who work less than 25 hours per week and wish to stay in college housing will be charged at Juniata’s summer conference rate of $20 per day for single occupancy or $15 per day in double occupancy.
·        The housing charge includes: local telephone service, cable television hook-up, internet access, use of the Library and the Fitness Center during summer hours, electric, water and sewage utilities and trash removal.
·        All college polices and residential regulations apply to summer residents.
·        PLEASE NOTE: Summer college housing is available from the Sunday after commencement (May 14, 2006) until the first Friday in August (August 4, 2006). Summer residents are expected to remove all personal property from college housing by the first Friday in August. 

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