Emergency Call Boxes

Residential Life

There are four emergency telephone call boxes located on campus which are a direct line to campus security, at all times. Three of the four call boxes have a blue light, that strobe when activated. These call boxes can be used to report criminal actions or other emergencies on campus.

The following are the locations of the emergency call boxes:

College Ave. Parking Lot
East Walkway
Winton Hill Parking Lot
Good Hall Parking Lot
Ellis Hall main entrance (no blue light)

Juniata Campus Map

1. Admissions & Financial Planning

Academic Buildings
2. Brumbaugh Science Center
3. von Liebig Center for Science
4. Good Hall
5. Humanities Center
6. Swigart Hall
7. Ceramics Studio
8. Carnegie Hall & Shoemaker Galleries
9. L.A. Beeghly Library
10. Halbritter Performing Arts Center
** Raystown Field Station

Student Housing
11. Tussey and Terrace Halls
12. Sunderland Hall
13. Sherwood Hall
14. The Cloister
15. Lesher Hall
16. South Hall
17. East Apartments
18. Mission House
19. Pink Palace
** Hess Apartments
** 2111 Cold Springs Road

College Offices
20. Founders Hall
21. Oller Center
22. Quinter House
23. I. Harvey Brumbaugh House
24. Pennington House
25. Accounting Office
26. Business Office

27. Ellis Hall
28. Kennedy Sports + Recreation Center
29. Stone Church of the Brethren
30. Health & Wellness Center
31. H.B. Brumbaugh Alumni House
32. Hickes Observatory
33. Physical Plant
34. President's House
35. Baker House
** Peace Chapel


** designates location is not shown on map.


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