Vaccine Requirement FAQ

Juniata College will require all students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the 2021-2022 academic year. Vaccination must be completed upon arrival to campus. Records will be received in Health Services until Friday, Sept 3. 


What if I’m having trouble with obtaining a vaccine before I arrive? 
Please contact the Dean of Students Office to develop a plan. Financial assistance to assist with arrangements may be available to assist through the Alicia Griffith Fund or the Mountain Day Emergency Fund. 
Additionally, Juniata is arranging a vaccination clinic to take place on campus during the week of August 31 to accommodate students who want to be vaccinated before the deadline of September 3. This clinic will assist arriving students who may not have had the time, access or resources to obtain a vaccine before the start of the Fall term. Those who are not vaccinated or provided documentation for medical or religious exemption by September 3rd will be billed for the COVID mitigation fee of $300. 
How do I provide documentation of my vaccination? 

If you have received your vaccine, use this link to provide a copy of your vaccine card or other medical documentation. 
What if my religion or health restricts my use of the vaccine?   

You may request an exemption for medical or religious reasons.  
Medical exemptions may be requested here along with appropriate documentation from your physician or medical provider to support the medical necessity of your exemption from the COVID19 vaccine. 
Religious exemptions may be requested here along with documentation from your congregational or faith leadership that provides advisement or guidance prohibiting vaccination, access to certain forms of medical treatment or healthcare, or generally constrains your ability to receive the COVID19 vaccine. 
What if I have other special needs or unique circumstances?  
Please contact Health Services ( or the Dean of Students Office ( 
What if I’m required to get a booster or additional vaccine at some point?  

No guidance has yet been issued regarding additional or booster doses of the COVID vaccine. At the time that such guidance is provided, the College will consider how to implement recommendations, including providing access to boosters on or near campus. 
What about students arriving to study at Juniata from outside the US? 

For students arriving from out of country, vaccinations approved for use by the country of residence’s national health authorities will meet the institutional requirements (e.g. the Oxford-AstraZeneca in Europe, South Africa, Australia, or Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines in China).  

Upon arrival, Health Services will advise students who have not received a US-approved vaccine on a case-by-case basis about options they might have if they want to take advantage of the three CDC-approved vaccines. Arriving students will also be able to access US-approved vaccines at a clinic on campus during the week of August 31, if they wish to obtain a vaccine after travel in accordance with our requirement/guidance. 

What campus COVID policies/restrictions will be in place for Fall? For travel? For athletics? For student teachers? For other involvements?  

Based on high rates of those expected to be vaccinated, students can expect most campus interactions and gatherings to return to pre-COVID-19 conditions.  It is likely that related constraints, such as restrictions on movement and guest hosting in campus buildings and residences, those regarding recreational travel and trips home, and those limiting dining hall access and seating, as examples, will be relaxed. 

It is expected that study abroad opportunities will be an option within countries where travelers are permitted, but vaccination will be required of those who take part. 

Students involved in activities that are cooperative or interactive with other campuses or entities may expect that participation may also necessitate vaccination. The NCAA or Landmark Conference may require that competing athletes are vaccinated and school districts may require the same of student teachers. While these determinations are yet to be made, Juniata will monitor and coordinate with students to assure that individuals and the College meet expectations and obligations as directed. 
How will campus dining change for fall?  
We expect that dining will return to pre-COVID-19 conditions, including the return of expanded dining hours, a restoration of seating in Baker, and the inclusive meal plan design. 
Will enhanced hygiene/sanitation continue through fall? 
Adjustment or discontinuation of COVID-19 prevention protocols will follow guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and will be contingent on the state of the pandemic in the United States. 
Are there restrictions on travel into / presence in Huntingdon?

This will be determined based on transmission rates in the community, but we expect that travel into / presence in Huntingdon will return to pre-COVID-19 conditions.  
Will students be able to volunteer in the community?  
Will campus traditions look more traditional than in this last year? 
Yes. Most traditions will be … well, traditional! 
What kinds of co-curricular events will take place in person? Over zoom?  
Planners of events will determine how those events are offered. Zoom may provide access and convenience, and remain preferable for some events and gatherings, such as those with invited speakers who are unable to travel or to be physically present on campus. It is likely that many or most campus programming and interactions will resume in-person gatherings and meetings. 
Will zoom still be an option for classes? Meetings? Programs? Socially? 
Yes. The campus will continue to subscribe to and make use of Zoom and other video-based conferencing and meeting platforms. 
Can club sports practice and participate in fall? 
Yes. Because vaccinations will be widespread, members can take part in club sport activities, including competitions with other campus teams. Guidance will be provided based on intensity and competitive plans of each sport. 
Will the daily symptom check still be required?  
We do not expect to resume daily symptom checks through mobile devices during fall, but we encourage all members of the campus community to regularly monitor symptoms and stay away from class or work when sick.   
Will COVID testing continue through fall?  
We will provide diagnostic testing for those who experience or report COVID-related symptoms through Health Services, but we do not expect to implement large-scale surveillance testing as was done over the past year. 
Is there any chance that campus could shut down or go remote in the fall?  
This is very unlikely. The College will continue to monitor internal and external conditions and respond accordingly. 
Will classes continue hyflex? 

A select number of courses will be offered HyFlex to accommodate the small number of students who are unable to be residential. 

Can students elect distance learning? 

The Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students will review applications from students for whom it is a hardship to be residential (e.g. visa status, temporary health condition). Requests for consideration may be made through contact with 

Will professors have in-person office hours? 


Will my professor still record class and post the recording? Those materials are really helpful for me as I review and learn the material. 

This will be at the discretion of the instructor; they will be encouraged to make classroom sessions available for review and reinforcement.

Will the technology in classrooms that allows hyflex remain in place? 

Yes, the technology will remain in place in the event instructors have a remote student or want to invite guest speakers to visit class remotely.  

What plans are made for orientation? Inbound? Move-in and arrival? 
Orientation will include both online and in-person elements. Information and registration details can be found online.  
Details related to Inbound, move-in and arrival will be communicated to students and families as they are determined.  
Will there be different rules/expectations for unvaccinated individuals vs vaccinated individuals?  
The College will continue to assess and follow guidance as it relates to differences in vaccination status. At the current time, those who are not vaccinated are advised and expected to continue wearing masks and maintaining social distance from others. It is unclear to what degree the guidance may change in the weeks of summer ahead. 
What if I experience symptoms of illness in the fall?  
We encourage all members of the campus community to regularly monitor symptoms and stay away from class or work when sick. Students who are experiencing COVID19 symptoms should self-quarantine and make contact with Health Services or another health care provider for assessment, diagnosis and a care plan. Health Services will continue to have access to and make use of antigen tests for COVID19 that provide accurate results in 15 minutes.  
What if I get COVID during the fall and I’m vaccinated? Unvaccinated?  
Individuals who are diagnosed with COVID will need to report their positive status to Health Services and the Dean of Students Office and will be expected to follow guidance related to isolation and to take precautions to reduce further exposure and spread, including taking part in contact tracing. Those who are positive and unvaccinated will be expected to isolate at home or off-campus as guided by CDC directives. Juniata will help arrange isolation housing for unvaccinated students who are unable to return home. 
Will contact tracing still take place in the fall? 
We will continue to contact trace as needed based on our testing results. 
If I’m feeling under the weather, but don’t suspect COVID, should I go to class? Work?  
We encourage all members of the campus community to regularly monitor symptoms and stay away from class or work when sick. Those who feel slightly ill or immunocompromised may elect to wear a mask, maintain distance from others, or deploy tools that limit one’s contagiousness to others. A mindfulness towards one’s own well-being and that of those around one is encouraged and appreciated! 
Nurse Tina and the Health Services staff has been so tremendous this year! Do I have to pretend to be sick to get to see her, or can I drop in any time?  
She loves drop ins, especially when you aren’t sick! Proactive and preventative care is critical and encouraged!