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Advisor List - Spring 2017: Please refer to this list of advisors in order to confirm that a potential advisor does serve as a formal POE or General Advisor. This list does not include formal advisors who will be on sabbatical in the spring semester.

Advising Planning Sheet: This Student Academic Development Committee document should be used by advisors and advisees over the course of a student's career to guide their completion of graduation requirements.

World Language Placement Exam: This is an online assessment tool that we recommend students take prior to attending orientation and/or if they have interest in taking a World Language course. We encourage all students with more than two years of experience in a World Language to take this assessment. Password: WLC2017

Departmental Advising Information: This is a document that contains relevant first-year advising information for all academic departments to assist advisors in registering students during summer orientation.

Summer 2017 Advisor Training Presentation: This is the PowerPoint presentation used at the 2017 summer orientation advisor trainings. Feel free to reference it as needed.

Low Enrolled, Common First Year, & 1 or 2 Credit Course Listing for Fall 2017: This is a reference sheet of courses that are worth considering as you build your tentative schedule. This document will be updated after each orientation weekend.

Biology & Chemistry Scheduling Chart: Use this chart to assist when scheduling students for introductory biology, chemistry, and labs. To use this chart, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose the section of BI 105 the students wants
    • The first two tabs are for section 01
    • The second two tabs are for section 02
  • Choose whether the student wants morning or afternoon bio lab
    • Tab #1 is Section 01 + Morning lab
    • Tab #2 is Section 01 + Afternoon lab
    • Tab #3 is Section 02 + Morning lab
    • Tab #4 is Section 02 + Afternoon lab
  • Once you’ve selected the desired tab, you will find a matrix of possible permutations with Chemistry lecture and lab.
    • Chemistry lecture sections are listed along the side in column A
    • Chemistry lab sections are arranged across the top of the spreadsheet

Planning for Course Registration -- August 2017: This document is written specifically for students attending August orientation to help prepare them for course registration.

Planning for Course Registration -- June 2017: This document is written for students to help prepare them for course registration.

Transfer Credits and Juniata College: This document is written for students that may bring transfer, AP, IB, or dual enrollment credits with them to Juniata.

CWS Summer Intake Essay: This is the prompt for the 2017 CWS Summer Intake Essay. It is due 7 days after a student attends orientation.

Advising Schedules: These will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

Orientation 1 Advising Schedule (by Advisor) 6-9-17

Orientation 2 Advising Schedule (by Advisor) 6-11-17

Orientation 3 Advising Schedule (by Advisor) 6-16-17

Orientation 4 Advising Schedule (by Advisor) 6-18-17

August 2017 Orientation Advising Schedule (by Advisor) 8-17-17


Academic Advisor Resources & Documents