Changes to the Peer Tutoring Program

The Office of Academic Support, with assistance from the Office of the Provost, made some changes to the Peer Tutoring Program. In an effort to make peer tutoring more efficient and sustainable, we have decided to go paperless!  These changes will allow the program to successfully continue and provide support to students who need it.

NEW - Peer Tutoring Forms:
Tutor Request Form
Tutor Application
Tutoring Follow-Up Report

Additional Information:
NEW - Tutoring Policy and Procedure
Tutor Checklist

Juniata College Offers a Popular, Campus-wide Peer Tutoring Program

Peer tutoring is available in any offered course to each student who desires additional help with subject material. Before requesting tutoring assistance for a course, a student must:

Students requesting tutors can usually expect to be matched up within 2 to 5 business days. Academic Support will email tutees with their tutor's name once a match has been made. Once Academic Support has found a match for a requesting student, it is the tutee's responsibility to contact the tutor to arrange a meeting.

In select courses, tutoring is offered in the form of group review sessions, and there are also small-group tutoring opportunities in which two or more students work with a peer tutor.

A reasonable amount of tutoring is available at no charge to the student, but the number of hours of tutoring per week may not exceed the amount of time spent in lecture each week (three to four hours/week would be the maximum).

Students should understand that tutoring is a supplement to class preparation, class attendance and office-hours assistance from faculty; it is not intended to replace any of these critical academic responsibilities. Students who are motivated to get the most out of tutoring find that the program is very successful for them.

Responsibilities of Those Who Use Tutoring Services

Responsibilities of Tutors and Tutees:
  1. Tutors and tutees are expected to arrive at prearranged meetings appropriately prepared and on time.
  2. Tutors and tutees are expected to maintain good communication and be responsive to one another.
  3. Tutors and tutees are expected to give advanced notice when a tutoring session must be cancelled.
  4. Tutees who fail to show up to their tutoring sessions two or more times will be contacted and may have their tutoring privileges revoked.
  5. Tutors and tutees are expected to work together in partnership to help cultivate knowledge necessary to be successful in courses.
  6. Tutors and tutees are expected to maintain academic integrity standards during their tutoring sessions.
  7. Tutors and tutees are expected to fill out evaluations at the end of each semester.
Responsibilities Unique to Tutors:
  1. A tutoring Follow-Up Report is required after each session with each student. Follow-up reports can be submitted electronically at the link below.
  2. Follow-up reports must be received within 48 hours of a tutoring session. All tutors are allowed one late follow-up report per semester. Academic Support will not pay for sessions corresponding to additional late follow-up reports.
  3. Tutors have the responsibility to report difficulties with their tutees to Academic Support by using the follow-up report system. Examples of difficulties include tutees arriving late, not being prepared, or being inattentive during a session.
  4. All tutors are expected to attend one tutor training session in the 2017-2018 academic year. A list of dates and locations for tutor training sessions can be found below.

Tutor Training Session Dates for the Fall 2017 Semester

  • To be announced
 *There is no need to RSVP for a peer tutor training session. Just show up!