Welcome to Juniata! We've created this guide to help you become more familiar with the technology resources and tools that students use while at Juniata College. All incoming students are required to have access to a laptop meeting the minimum requirements outlined for class purposes. (These machines can be individually owned, shared with another student, or borrowed when available).

Before You Arrive on Campus:

Connecting to the Network:

Visit the CTS Knowledgebase for instructions on how to connect your device to the JC-SECURE wireless network. (Students may connect up to 5 devices to the network.)

Note about Wireless Device Support: Wireless device support is currently limited to devices that are compatible with the following wireless authentication protocols. If the device does not support this, then it will not connect with our network. (For example, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Chromebook, as well as many web enabled TVs do not support these authentication methods.)

  • WPA Network Authentication w/ TKIP Data Encryption and 802.1x (PEAP) User Authentication
  • WPA2 Network Authentication w/ AES Data Encryption and 802.1X (PEAP) User Authentication

Juniata Resources: Getting Started

Once you arrive on campus, you should learn about network drives and network printing. (If you want to try to access these drives from home, you'll need to use our off-campus VPN.

  • Network Drives: Students have access to network drives (file storage) that professors and administrators often use to share public information for classes or the student body. (Connection Instructions)
  • Printing: Students are given 1,000 prints per semester and can add additional prints for 1 cent per page. Students are able to print from their computer and retrieve their print job from any of the designated printers (located in almost every academic building and Ellis Hall) by entering in their ID number. (Instructions for connecting)
  • Password Reset Tool: To enroll, please visit https://accounts.juniata.edu and click the "User Registration" link. You will need to know your Juniata username and your current password to complete the registration process. If you do not know your current password, please contact the help desk at 814-641-3619.

Getting Additional Support

We hope this guide will provide incoming students with the resources they need to use and understand the technology available at Juniata College successfully. We understand that a website just doesn't cut it sometimes... Which is why we have the Technology Solutions Center in BAC C107. No matter where you are, you can call (814) 641-3619 or send an email to help@juniata.edu for a quick response M-F 8:00 am-4:00 pm.

If you're having trouble connecting to the network, want to rent some equipment (laptops, cameras, projectors, more!), or just want to come see our collaborative lab, come stop down! The TSC Student Lab Assistants have dealt with many of the same issues you have... so you can guarantee they've been through it before.

Technology Training Offerings:

The Technology Solutions Center offers training sessions throughout the year for students, faculty, and staff on a variety of topics. You can view more information about our training & support offerings.